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First of all, we would like to apologize for reviewing this every week late. Maybe an Electric Plátano review would have caused this cracking cover version heading to the top spot instead of Bill Cardle? Probably not, but we ought to sadly never know! Anyway, the stunning festive classic (sung by simply Aled Jones – though not in the actual movie version) is given a brooding indie make-over by The Maccabees. Best way to find the pagalworld mp3.

The south London five-piece recorded their version throughout a recent live recording program for On Track With CHAIR for Channel 4, which was on the telly on eighth December and received this type of great response from followers that a Facebook campaign premiered to get it released… here it is. You probably think that Orlando Weeks oral is not as strong as Mr. Aled Jones. Effectively, you are right, but they use his moody words perfectly to create an atmospheric triumph. Brilliant!

Rated some out of 5

MONO – Trouble On The Way

Do you keep in mind when Kings of Leon were 60% band and 40% mustache? Yeah? These were pretty great, weren’t these people? These boys are through the same neck of the woods (Nashville) being older homies and offer quite a good replacement for the exciting as well as raw 2003-era KoL items that have gone missing from the Followill’s music since they began experimenting with Gillette products.

They have that (classic rock) lower rock sound that created KoL so popular when they very first broke out, but also (singer and Joe Strummer lookalike) Nick Brown’s vocals audio uncannily like Caleb Followill, which makes it almost impossible to see a Delicioso review over the next couple of months without seeing a reference to Kings Of Leon integrated. So, if you liked Youngsters and Young Manhood, after that, whack this onto your Xmas (download) list.

Rated four out of 5

THE BEES – Winter’s Rose

Current interviews with The Bees over recent months offers seen the band large up the “psychedelic ayahuasca plant” that they claim has enhanced their horizons and is straightly responsible for this Simon-&-Garfunkel-stoned-off-their-faces-Esque keep tabs on. Now, we don’t condone drug use at all. Nevertheless, after listening to this blissed-out little gem, we may have to think again about it.

Winter months Rose appears on The Bee’s fourth album Every Step’s a Yes, and is an indie reggae track (hold on, don’t judge the idea too quickly) that converts it into a hypnotic, please. The brilliance might not be fast, but give it a few listens and let it intoxicate anyone.

Rated 4 out of your five

HURTS – All I’d Like For Christmas Is Brand-new Year’s Day

Again, this became released last week (what the heck were we doing? ) and sees the eighties Bros-lookalikes release a song that is certainly crammed full of Christmas belgicisme but somehow manages to be avoided being complete garbage.

And if you know your Xmas pop, then you’ll know that a keyboard and a snowy video are vital to all things Christmassy. Double tick.

However, despite this being a decent effort in an original Xmas song (which is very rare) – it may be almost be lumped into the same file as Westlife or Take That, simply because it sounds a bit phony. Usually, are we being a bit far too harsh here? Also, how come is Robert De Niro (or lookalike) dressed as Father Christmas on the cover? Scary.

Scored 3 out of 5

OUR LEAGUE – Night Folks

The Human League’s Don’t You Desire Me has been played to be able to death by TV advertising and marketing, La Roux, Little Shoes or boots, and probably every designer (slight exaggeration) who has introduced a song in 2009 and also 2010 – due to the great electro renaissance.

Therefore, it is no surprise that they have decided to make a comeback and effect while the iron is warm! Well, maybe lukewarm, even as we are all getting sick of electronica and 1980s-inspired keyboarding, usually are we?

Yes, we are, yet despite this sounding similar to a camp 1980s version of a Kraftwerk song with waste lyrics that may make you have fun out loud, it is an OK tune for those of you who can still stand up to all this electro non-sense in addition to silly pointless lyrics.

Performing 3 out of 5

KATY B ft. MS DYNAMITE – Lights On

Most people (with the winning appliance of working ears in addition to the brain) know that Dubstep is the worst thing that has ever previously happened in history connected with popular music. FACT.

Therefore, here is the girl responsible for turning it into coming out of our radios so often than it should. Her! Katy B (Katie Brien), Peckham’s finest play export, releases a melody that continues the professional brand of Dubstep that PRETTY MUCH makes it bearable to listen to. Nevertheless, it needs to (dub)step fully away from Dubstep for most regarding you to get any entertainment out of this.

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