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The Best Classic Comedy Movies of All Time


Comedy movies that truly excel can fill an entire theater with laughter while remaining entertaining even after repeated viewings. Get the Best information about Old Horror Movies on DVD.

Prison riots, factory shenanigans, and blindfold rollerskating combine in this classic Charlie Chaplin silent-era comedy to form an engaging spectacle. It is viewed as both an expose of industry and pure entertainment.

The Philadelphia Story (1944)

The 1940s gave us some of cinema’s greatest comedies, many of which have aged like fine wine – but not this one! A quintessential screwball comedy, the film features Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart in their prime in a memorable screwball comedy that remains timeless today. Hepburn, in particular, shines as Tracy Lord – she provides an incredible performance, showing people who dismissed her as box-of-rice poison swallow their words always!

Philip Barry’s Broadway play was written with Hepburn in mind when writing its movie version. Holiday writer Peter Eldridge met with Hepburn before finalizing the script to study her mannerisms and seek her input – it proved the ideal casting decision as Hepburn made this film her signature role.

Hepburn and Stewart share an incredible chemistry on screen, and both give excellent performances – notably Stewart, who took to playing Macaulay Conner with such great understanding that his performance became nuanced and complex over time.

George Cukor’s film boasts several talented performances from supporting players, such as child actress Virginia Weidler and Roland Young as Tracy’s brash Uncle Willy; however, its true strength lies in his writing and direction – particularly his expertise with all technical elements of filmmaking such as editing, lighting, cinematography and set design – with precision and clarity to ensure its effectiveness at every turn – although most scenes take place at Ardrossan, Pennsylvania rather than its actual location of Merion Station, Pennsylvania.

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

Few films rival the timeless charm and humor of classic screwball comedy movies like This One Is for Me. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis make an ideal team, but Marilyn Monroe truly stands out as she plays her iconic blonde actress role with unmatched bombshell charm – surely making this film one of her career highlights!

John Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize for writing the novel that inspired this movie in 1962. The story follows the Joad family as they travel from Oklahoma due to poverty to California in search of better living conditions and jobs. At once a critique of capitalism and an ode to ordinary people, this epic tale is both an indictment of capitalist greed and a tribute to everyday individuals. Gregg Toland’s cinematography for this masterpiece does justice to Dorothea Lange’s and Steinbeck’s use of natural lighting effects.

Meg Ryan made her mark as an actress with this film, which remains a classic. From its unforgettable “poop your wedding gown scene” to Meg’s heartwarming yet humorous tribute to women’s friendship, this movie delivers comedy and romance in equal measures, not to mention plenty of golden autumn shots from New York!

The Grapes of Wrath (1942)

John Ford’s 1940 adaptation of John Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel tells the tale of American family life during its struggles, following the Joad family’s journey from Sallisaw, Oklahoma, as they journey west in search of a better life in California. It is a classic exploration of the human spirit that continues to resonate across generations and inspire countless works of art and literature today.

The iconic opening shot of this film, showing an empty road and barren Texas landscape, sets the scene for Henry Fonda and Joanne Clift’s powerful performances that bring this story to life for audiences. At the same time, its gorgeous cinematography adds another dimension.

With mature themes and depictions of hardship, this movie may not be suitable for all audiences.

As Charlie Chaplin first graced the screen just a few years after Hitler’s rise to power, his appearance in this Howard Hawks classic marked a brave move by one of the reigning masters of comedy – especially given that it made such an overt statement about one of history’s most notorious dictators! Yet it proved successful and helped establish Chaplin as one of his time’s premier artists – as it simultaneously proved entertaining and social commentary! This film became an instantaneous hit that helped launch all involved careers!

The Grapes of Wrath (1943)

Comedy films differ significantly from our canon in that they can be perceived differently by different viewers; what one finds amusing may not resonate as strongly with someone else; this is perfectly fine! However, some classic comedies remain timeless today, just as they were first released.

John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath reignited national discussions regarding migrant workers’ plight. The story follows the Joad family’s journey from Oklahoma to California in search of better living conditions; its depiction of poverty caused such an uproar that Eleanor Roosevelt visited camps where these families lived to help change labor laws.

Director John Ford’s 1940 adaptation of Henry Fonda’s novel won critical and commercial acclaim, winning both an Academy Award for Best Picture and becoming an influential cultural touchstone that contributed to the decline of family farms and the rise of industrial agriculture.

The movie also drew from Judeo-Christian traditions by portraying Jim Casy’s teachings and self-sacrifice as paralleling Christ. At the same time, their journey from Missouri to California can also be seen as an allegory for the Exodus from Egypt.

Some Like It Hot is a timeless comedy classic and stands the test of time, featuring Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis as witnesses forced to disguise themselves as women to escape mob influence; its message remains as relevant today as it did at its release date – plus, it stars an unforgettable Marilyn Monroe!

The Grapes of Wrath (1944)

No doubt most of you are familiar with this classic 1989 comedy film or have at least seen its iconic scene where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasmic reaction over her sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen. It will bring joy for years, so give this classic film a chance, and don’t hesitate to provide yourself with some laughs this holiday season!

Depending on how new to you it may seem, this movie might start strange at first, but soon enough, you will come to love its eccentric characters and dark humor that quickly make it one of your favorites – plus, its soundtrack is incredible!

This movie tells the tale of a family who travel to California after losing their farm during the Great Depression in search of work and prosperity after being driven out. Based on John Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, it became a hugely successful cinematic masterpiece that contributed significantly to social reform debates while cementing Henry Fonda as an iconic star actor and reestablishing John Ford as an accomplished director.

The iconic opening shot of Oklahoma is an unforgettable image, perfectly conveying the harsh reality the Joad family faced while migrating westward for a better life. This movie ignited a national debate over poverty and social justice issues while becoming an inspiration for writers and artists worldwide.

This 1990 movie, one of several to take a feminist approach to horror, is groundbreaking and unforgettable. Whoopi Goldberg stars as a lounge singer forced out of her home due to financial strain; Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter films) appears as Reverend Mother; it is impossible not to laugh! A must-watch classic comedy/horror experience!

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