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The Best Bass Fishing Near Me in NYC


The Big Apple offers much to visitors: iconic landmarks, rich history, cultural diversity, and an electrifying nightlife scene, not to mention delicious cuisine and an eclectic nightlife scene. But did you know it also boasts world-class fishing opportunities?

Certain waters in northern New York are nationally renowned hotspots for largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing, while Lake Champlain and the St Lawrence River also boast great bass lakes.

Prospect Park Lake

New York City may not boast world-class trout streams or bass lakes, but plenty of fantastic fishing spots remain. From experienced anglers looking for some practice before their next big trip to beginners just getting started – New York City provides all you need for an enjoyable fishing adventure.

Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn offers unparalleled fishing opportunities. Home to largemouth bass, bream/bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, black crappie, and yellow perch species and being popular among fly fishermen, Prospect Park Lake offers something for every angler.

Anglers can fish from the dock of the Prospect Park boathouse or walk along its perimeter to feel or relax and take in its tranquil beauty. There are footpaths around it for those wanting a respite from NYC life.

Recent boat electrofishing surveys demonstrated that Lake Erie has experienced a decline in largemouth bass numbers, yet opportunities remain to catch them. Furthermore, black crappie, yellow perch, and American eels also thrive within its waters.

Striped bass have also been caught at this lake. Various baits, such as cut bait, herring, and swimbaits, have proven successful for these predatory fish; drop shotting has proven particularly fruitful here; however, jigs and topwater lures have also proven themselves worthwhile.

While visiting, visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Brooklyn Museum and various restaurants and hotels nearby. Fishing regulations must also be strictly observed, with barbless hooks recommended due to being more accessible for anglers to remove and cause fewer fish injuries. Remember to keep trash under control by cleaning up after each cast – most areas provide fishing trash cans where you can safely dispose of line and hooks. Also, wear a life jacket as this may help in an emergency launching your boat!

Crotona Park

New York may not offer many guarantees, but one thing’s sure – bass fishing is among the finest in the nation! New York boasts 7,500 lakes and 70,000 miles of shoreline to provide ample opportunity for all skill levels to catch some outstanding fish; be it trophy fishers looking for trophy fish or novice anglers wanting to try their hand at bass fishing, New York City offers ample opportunities for both.

Fishing spots abound throughout the city, from small ponds to larger bodies of water. Parks provide ample opportunity to test your skills; many contain numerous varieties of bass, catfish, and carp species to reel in!

Crotona Park in The Bronx is a favorite spot for family outings. With its breathtaking Indian Lake offering scenic views and fishing in a picturesque environment, and being home to its unique fountain, Crotona Park makes an excellent place for an outing with friends or extended family. Also featured here is Claremont Riding Academy, a historic public riding stable.

The City’s Department of Parks and Recreation oversees the Crotona Park Nature Center, which offers environmental education and exploration programs as part of the park maintenance. Walking paths, green lawns, picnic areas, and athletic facilities – such as baseball/soccer fields/courts and running tracks- are also within its boundaries.

Brooklyn’s Prospect Park offers another ideal setting for bass fishing. Its 55-acre lake boasts warm-water species such as striped and largemouth bass. Plus, its rocky shoreline draws a wide array of birds and waterfowl. Plus, public transportation makes this park easily accessible!

Beginners looking to start fishing will find Dorothy Fitzpatrick Fishing Pier in Staten Island an excellent starting place. Overlooking Raritan Bay, which hosts flounder, striped bass, bluefish, snapper species, and cod and bluefish during winter, makes an excellent backdrop.

For an extra challenging fishing experience, consider Clove Lakes Park. The 18-acre Van Cortlandt Lake provides excellent bass fishing as well as panfish. In addition, several other lakes and creeks within the park make ideal spots for fishing.

Cortana Park Lake

Cortana Park Lake in The Bronx is ideal for NYC bass fishing. Offering three seasons of angling, largemouth bass and bluegill are abundant here; spinnerbaits and jigs work best when targeting bass, while small swimbaits or grubs work better to bring crappie. Plus, this peaceful space provides a quiet refuge from city life!

Saltwater fishing can also be found at Harlem Meer in Central Park, which temporarily shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This unique urban fishery offers water and warm water species such as black carp, chain pickerel, pumpkinseed carp, and yellow perch – as well as the more prized black seabass species known for their flavorful flesh and tender texture.

Beginners fishing in NYC should try starting in their local pond or city-owned reservoir; if they prefer more immersive experiences, consider joining an NYC fishing charter with an experienced captain who can ensure your safety and maximize the chance of landing a trophy fish.

New York boasts over 7,500 lakes and 70,000 miles of rivers and streams for world-class freshwater and saltwater fishing. You’ll find everything here- big game muskie on the St Lawrence River, trophy smallmouth bass on an Adirondack lake, or delicious panfish on a crystal clear lake – you won’t go fishing without success in New York State.

Not only can you fish for freshwater and saltwater species in New York City waters, but pier fishing is an increasingly popular pastime among residents and tourists. Ensure you obtain a valid fishing license and comply with New York State fishing regulations before setting sail!

New York City bass fishing peaks during spring and fall, but freshwater and saltwater species fishing opportunities exist year-round in different areas around NYC. To increase your odds of landing big bass fish, check out this list of top spots near NYC before planning your next fishing expedition – you won’t regret it!

The Hudson River

The Hudson River stretches 315 miles (507 km) in New York State in the United States. It originates in several postglacial lakes of the Adirondack Mountains and drains 13,370 square miles of drainage area, almost entirely within New York state except for its final segment that forms part of its boundary between New York and New Jersey. Formerly navigable by oceangoing ships year-round as well as from early May through mid-November through the canalized Mohawk River System and New York State Canal System for freight and passenger transportation purposes as well as recreational fishing trips; today, this river remains a popular recreational fishing spot!

The tidal range for this river is significant, taking approximately six hours between high and low tide, meaning salinity levels in its waters can fluctuate considerably over time.

This river provides an excellent fishing spot for freshwater and saltwater anglers. Its waters host various species – smallmouth bass, muskies, striped bass, carp, walleyes – making it an excellent place to experiment with different techniques and baits; spring, summer, and fall are ideal times to target these species.

The Hudson River riparian forest provides a natural haven for migrating birds, making it a prime location for birdwatching. Perfect for family outings and taking in its impressive skyline views!

While on the river, use non-offset circle hooks when fishing for striped bass. This will increase their chance of survival after release.

If you’re looking for the ideal place to fish near New York, the Hudson River offers easy access and provides plenty of fishing opportunities – both smallmouth bass (smallmouth and largemouth), muskie, carp, and even trout! There are public and private piers, boat launches, and plenty of bait options, including drop shooting and topwater baits!