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Samsung S7 Edge Review


Whether you are looking for the best smartphone for your business or for personal use, the Samsung S7 Edge is an excellent choice. This smartphone features a sleek and durable body, along with a slew of impressive features. This article will walk you through some of the best features of this smartphone, including its camera, screen, and more.

Dual-curved screen

Until recently, the Galaxy S7 Edge was a gimmick. However, Samsung is now retooling the feature to improve its performance. The company also added a new digital clock to the Galaxy S7 Edge, which can display a current music track. It can also control the Samsung Panorama by swiping the display.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s most impressive feature is its dual-curved screen. The curved glass on all sides gives the phone a smooth feel. It is also the first smartphone to use a flexible display.

Samsung also changed the manufacturing process for the display panel, which ensures a seamless supply of screens. In fact, it’s possible to put up to 10 apps on the edge panel, which can be a big plus if you use your phone for more than one thing.

Dual-SIM support

Depending on the region, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are available in single-SIM or dual-SIM variants. In some countries, such as Africa and parts of Asia, dual-SIM phones are common. In the United States, however, they are not widely available.

Dual-SIM phones allow users to use different bundles in different countries. They can also be used for external storage. If you’re traveling abroad, you can choose the cheapest plan for every situation. You can also use Dual Apps to manage your social networks in two separate accounts.

The S7 and S7 Edge have a hybrid SIM tray that is capable of fitting two SIM cards. The slot is smaller than the slot found on the standard single-SIM Galaxy S7. However, the tray allows users to add a microSD card of up to 200GB.

Water and dirt resistance

Whether you want to take your device with you on a camping trip or you just want to have a fun day at the beach, you’ll want to know whether your Samsung S7 Edge can handle water. The phone is made with gaskets and sticky adhesive to ensure it’s water-resistant. It also has a water-repellant headphone jack and an IP68 rating to protect your device from dust and dirt.

While most manufacturers recommend against using a phone in the water, Samsung claims it’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones can survive immersion up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. These are better than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which can only survive submersion in up to five feet for 30 minutes.

Water resistance is a big deal for smartphones these days, but Samsung’s claims for the water and dirt resistance of its S7 and S7 Edge aren’t exactly accurate. Despite the claims, the company said that Galaxy phones could still fail to function properly if they were charged while wet.

Forever On feature

Keeping a phone on all the time may not be the most useful feature of a smartphone. Samsung’s Always On display is a great way to check the time and show off a calendar, but it may be better utilized to alert you when a call comes in.

For the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung has implemented a number of new features. There is the always-on display and improved edge panel, but there are other ways to keep your phone’s display off.

For the most part, the curved edge isn’t all that special. If you’re just looking to switch between apps, you won’t be too impressed. However, if you’re looking to contact people or take a screenshot, the edged screen is a handy tool.


Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Samsung S7 Edge has improved its camera in several areas. It has the same 12-megapixel sensor but has a brighter F1.7 aperture lens and bigger pixels. This enables the camera to shoot better pictures in low light.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also has a larger horizontal field of view. This makes it great for shooting group selfies. The wide F1.7 lens captures a lot of detail and helps the camera to produce good bokeh. The camera is fast, too. In low light, it locks focus very quickly.

The camera app is intuitive and easy to use. There are many modes to choose from, including live broadcast, virtual shot, motion photo, and panorama. There are also quick toggles for the camera’s settings.