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Really like Songs – Do You Listen to What I Hear?


Relationships are not necessarily always a pleasant experience. Well-known culture brings this issue to the forefront every time we switch on the car radio or our own iPod. When you hear the song do you hear it similar to the way the person next to person? Do the lyrics mean the same to you that they do to all of them? Words can be played as well as twisted; they can suggest completely different things. Different experiences within relationships and life may cause each of us to have a completely different understanding of a song. Ever stop and try to hear it from another person’s point of view? Find the Best NaijMusic.

Eminem and Rihanna have received a great deal of bad press because of their tune “Love the Way You Lie”. Just about everyone has heard the many complaints about how the lyrics of this song assist domestic violence. What about another side? Is there a chance that it song doesn’t support typically the act of violence but rather supports the victims involving violence? Giving them words and letting the world find out things from their point of view.

When you have never been an unwilling recipient of violence in a connection the lyrics of the tune can easily be understood in a way that recommends the song supports use. What if you listen through the eyes of someone who has been mistreated? When Rihanna says, “Just gonna stand there watching me burn; But that is alright because I like the way in which it hurts; Just gonna remain there and hear me personally cry; But that’s okay because I love the way you lie” she not saying the girl likes the abuse or even that she is accepting this.

She is convincing herself that she is ok. She is a female who feels trapped within this cycle of violence. This wonderful woman has to tell herself it’s okay, that she is ok, in case she admits to little she isn’t; she refuses to survive. Try to ask yourself if you are being abused by an individual you love what would you accomplish? Be honest with yourself. We normally are not as strong as we feel when it happens to us. Get the Best information about Itunes Music Lyrics.

Maybe you have listened to the lyrics involving Bruno Mars hit tune Grenade? Why hasn’t similar attention been brought to the lyrics? Because his phrases are concealed as a enjoyable song. Rihanna and Eminem don’t conceal that they are placing their signature violence in a connection the way Bruno Mars and there are others do in their songs. Because their message isn’t skillfully disguised they have taken lots of criticism for the lyrics.

The actual song Grenade is not a love song. There is nothing nice or romantic about informing someone you would take a grenade for them after they make it clear they have got no interest in you. The actual lyrics are about a good obsessive man who will do whatever it takes to get a girl who does not want him. It’s scary, it’s stalking and it’s harmful. Stalking causes emotional problems for other human beings and it frequently leads to physical violence. Not only is usually he stalking but they commit suicide when he relates to terms that he can not have gotten her.

There will always be tunes with lyrics we do not understand or don’t agree with. The model of the lyrics of a song happens to be in the eye of the beholder. The very next time you turn on the radio make an effort to think about the words you are playing. What do they say to you? And then think, what could many states to someone else?

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