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Prose vs Function of Beauty: Review on Hair Brands


The function of Beauty launched in 2015 and Prose founded in 2017, are two prominent women’s haircare businesses trying to change your mind about catch-all shampoo and conditioner (or, god forbid, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner). With Prose vs Function of Beauty review, we will evaluate the brands and their functions. To read more click here.

prose vs function of beauty

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They both make haircare personal by taking your responses to a “hair quiz” to build a customized formulation full of natural, compelling components, which, given the variety of hair types and requirements out there, is precisely how it should’ve been all along.

prose vs function of beauty

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Both Function of Beauty and Prose have a lot in common, including their core business ideas (custom haircare, delivered), a lot of money ($12.2 million and $25 million, respectively), and entrepreneurs who used their MIT brains.

Prose vs Function of Beauty review of products

So, which of the two do we prefer?

We’ve used both Beauty and Prose shampoo and conditioner and can vouch for their quality, customer service, and ingredients.

While we liked both brands’ formulas, we prefer Prose because their hair questionnaire is more in-depth and has a more extensive assortment of products for all hair types. It is, however, more costly and exclusively accessible in the United States. The function of Beauty is still a fantastic option if you don’t want to spend nearly as much.

After you’ve compared the things that matter most to you, we’ll let you make the ultimate selection. We put these two prominent customized haircare providers head-to-head on critical parameters, including the amount of personalization, customer service, pricing, and ingredients to help you decide between them.

Hair Solutions of Both Brands

prose vs function of beauty

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Finally, both Function of Beauty and Prose provides outstanding tailored haircare solutions, but depending on your budget, customization choices, and hair demands, one will be better than the other.

Although the hair quiz at Function of Beauty isn’t as in-depth, the flexible options (name, color, and scent) make it feel more personalized. You may select various sizes and combinations to obtain the ideal setting for your requirements. Its items are less expensive than Prose’s and make excellent gifts.

Prose makes up for its lack of camera-ready packaging with its utilization of precise data to produce your recipe. Its items are more expensive, but you may choose from a broader range of things and aren’t limited to pre-made bundles. Try Prose if you’re prepared to spend a bit extra.

Fragrance review of Prose vs Function of Beauty

You may select from at least six different colors (limited-edition hues are occasionally available) or go dye-free after inputting the name or nickname to print on your Function of Beauty bottles. These sparkling hues will be put front and centre in your shower because the bottles are transparent. There are five significant perfumes to choose from, each with different fragrance intensities, or you may choose fragrance-free. The peach-citrus mix has received the most positive feedback.

Your Prose items’ names and colors cannot be changed. It produces eight perfumes in total, but depending on your quiz answers, it proposes its trademark scent as well as two others. The flowery, fluffy Signature smell and the herbal, sweet Botanica scent are two standouts. You can skip the aroma, just like in Function of Beauty.


Take a hair questionnaire first, and the results will be utilized to build your personalized recipe. Then decide the product or product package you want to purchase.

Prose takes five to ten days to deliver your haircare goods, whereas Function of Beauty takes seven to nine days. When you wish to repurchase, both services let you go back to your profile and alter your hair quiz answers, and therefore your formulation.

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