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Property Management Company Reviews


There are many property management companies out there. But you don’t have to pick the first one that pops up on your search engine. Instead, you can use a property management company review to compare them. This is a great way to find a reputable company that will be able to manage your rental properties effectively.

BH Management Services

BH Management Services is one of the largest multifamily property management companies in the United States. BH manages over 50,000 apartments in over 200 communities nationwide. They are a privately held company.

BH offers a wide range of services. These include construction, investment, design, and management. Aside from these, they also offer business intelligence, accounting, and equities services. In addition, they provide online resources for residents.

As a multifamily operator, BH is committed to building more innovative ways to live. Through their Green Conservation program, they create healthy buildings. BH is also recognized for its commitment to doing business right.

BH Management has worked on 173 projects in the last 12 months. This includes managing apartment properties, condominiums, and townhouses. Its main office is located in Des Moines, Iowa.


The Bozzuto Group is a multifamily property management company. Founded in 2002, it has grown strategically in highly competitive regions. They are known for their green initiatives and innovative sustainable practices. Their commitment to building green communities has earned them the title of Property Management Company of the Year.

The Bozzuto Group manages over 85,000 residences across the country. It focuses on customer service, innovation, and sustainability. In addition to its management duties, they have also become well-known for its social initiatives and employee-centric office culture.

Not only is the Bozzuto group’s property management industry-leading, but it has also received the top spot as the best property management company in the nation for seven straight years. As for its other properties, they boast several donation drives and offer a $10,000 bonus to buyers who buy a home through them.


CBRE has over 200 offices in the United States and serves nearly every industry in the real estate business. These include property management, development, sales, mortgage, and financial services. The company has excellent expertise in other sectors, including aerospace and senior housing.

For the landlord, CBRE can help you turn a property into a cash cow. They can help you with marketing strategies, valuations, and other research and advisory reports. Regardless of your situation, they are there to help you succeed.

There are two types of CBRE services: one aimed at any-man landlords and the other for investors and larger firms. While the cost may be slightly higher than a discount competitor, CBRE is committed to providing its clients with the best service.

Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company is a real estate investment and property management company founded in 1965 by Mack Pogue. It is one of the leading players in the industry, with over 7,500 employees and HQ in Dallas, TX. In terms of salaries, the average employee makes about $51,723 a year, whereas the Senior Property Manager makes the most, with an annual average wage of $82,703.

The company has a diverse staff, with an average tenure of 4.4 years, which is a pretty good number. Approximately half of them are female, and the other half are male. A few people have given the company their endorsement.

There are many benefits to working for this company, including perks like vacation time and insurance. Additionally, there is an app that allows residents to submit maintenance requests. And the company has partnered with Renter’s Voice, a tool for apartment managers to post operational data and resident surveys.


Buildium is a property management software that helps you manage your rental properties. For example, it allows you to create an online portal for your tenants, so they can submit requests for repairs, pay their rent, or get renter’s insurance. The platform also includes tools to help you with accounting and leasing.

The system is web-based, meaning you can access it from your laptop or mobile device. You can even send work orders from your phone.

While the application appears to be working well, there are a few shortcomings. For example, it fails to print one-page statements and doesn’t email all owners’ opinions.

However, Buildium is also available in a paid version. Those who want more support, including help with billing, can buy a Pro Plan. These plans come with electronic leases, premium tenant screening, and other features.