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Pentair 350122 Communication Cable For Pool Plumbing System 50-Feet


Communication cables have become an essential component in pool technology, transcending their traditional roles as mere cables and becoming necessary in optimizing system efficiency. This article will delve into the intricacies of Pentair 350122 cable for pool plumbing systems – its installation process, compatibility with future trends, and more will all be examined here.

Product Description

Pentair provides a range of pool products designed to filter, clean, and sanitize the water for healthy results in your pool environment. Their automation equipment enables remote system management that keeps everything running at peak efficiency and offers easy adjustments. Their 350122 communication cable is an OEM replacement part designed to work with IntelliFlo and Sta-Rite pumps, featuring two conductors to ensure optimal functionality and crafted from premium materials meeting factory standards; as such, this 50-foot-long cable qualifies for free standard ground shipping – see details for terms & conditions before purchasing this item.

Product Compatibility

Efficiency and seamless operation are top priorities when it comes to pool technology. The 350122 communication cable is a remarkable piece of engineering that transcends its role as just another wire by becoming the basis for an entire plumbing system. Here, we address its complexities while offering comprehensive guidance so pool enthusiasts can fully harness the potential of this revolutionary innovation.

The 350122 cable was created to fit seamlessly with Pentair and Sta-Rite pool equipment, providing communication between multiple components. Its user-friendly installation process outlined in product guidelines makes this an attractive choice for professional pool installers as well as DIY enthusiasts. This genuine OEM replacement part is constructed of premium materials for maximum durability and environmental resistance, including resistance to water and other environmental elements. At 50 feet in length, its generous reach enables various installations and accommodates pools of different sizes. This cable features 26 AWG 2-conductors to create a secure connection between pool equipment. Compatible with IntelliFlo XF, VF, and VS + SRVS variable speed pumps from Pentair and Sta-Rite, the cable provides reliable performance. Cable is an ideal solution for new and existing pool systems alike, offering seamless integration and more efficient system operation. Make your installation safe and effective by using appropriate tools, including a cable cutter and stripper, and following proper burial specifications. Regular inspections should also be conducted to detect signs of damage or exposure as quickly as possible and address them before they become more severe issues.

Product Specifications

Pentair provides innovative water solutions to help filter, clean, and sanitize your pool or spa. Their automation equipment makes managing your pool easy from any location, while their technology helps ensure optimal quality water. This communication cable from Pentair is a genuine OEM replacement part designed for use with IntelliFloXF variable speed pumps as well as Sta-Rite VS/SRVS variable speed pumps; its 50-foot length features two conductors.

Product Warranty

Pentair has pioneered water solutions that filter, clean, sanitize, and automate pools since 1966 to make them safer, more beautiful, and easier for you to enjoy. Their innovations include IntelliFlo XF/IntelliProxf pumps as well as IntelliFlo VF/IntelliFlo VS 3050 variable speed pumps, as well as variable speed variable speed pumps like VS + SVRS variable speed pumps. Their genuine OEM replacement communication cable features two conductors to provide reliable communication between devices for consistent performance – designed precisely like its original factory! This 50-foot-long communication cable comes equipped with two conductors for reliable communication between devices and your pool equipment!