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OPPO 2021 – The New Phone


OPPO has announced the release of its new phone – 2021. It has been revealed that the phone will be able to boast a 5.49-inch display and an OLED flexible screen. It will also feature a 12MP camera with optical zoom and a front-facing flash. And to top it all off, it is said to be able to roll.

Rollable concept phone

OPPO X 2021 is a rollable concept phone with an infinitely adjustable OLED display. It expands from a 6.7-inch phone to a 7.4-inch tablet. It is the first device to offer this unique experience.

The rollable smartphone is the next step in the evolution of the smartphone. Although it’s not commercially available yet, it could become the halo of a new generation of phones.

The rollable phone has several advantages over foldable phones. First, it can be folded into a small package without breaking the bank. Second, it offers more stability than foldable smartphones. Third, it can be unrolled when it’s not in use. Finally, it can be used for gaming.

Although the rollable smartphone concept has been around for some time, it’s not clear whether or not Oppo is ready to take the plunge. After all, it’s been over a year since LG first showed off a rollable concept phone at CES 2021.

5.49-inch display

OPPO has launched its new phone with a 5.49-inch display. This device falls between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip 3. The new phone has a smaller folded size than the Galaxy Z Fold, but a larger closed size than the Samsung Galaxy SE. It has a clamshell-style design with a metal frame and a plush soft anti-fingerprint back.

The Oppo Find N will be available in China from December 23, 2021. The smartphone will be available in Black, White, and Purple color options. The phone will cost around $1,649 in China. It is expected to go on sale in other markets in the future. The device will also be powered by a Snapdragon 888 processor. It will also feature 12GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

OLED flexible screen

OPPO has unveiled a new phone with an OLED flexible screen. The device has a 6.7-inch display that rolls out to a 7.4-inch screen. It’s called the OPPO X 2021. It was unveiled during the company’s Inno Day event in Shenzhen, China.

The new phone’s OLED screen is built with a high-strength screen laminate called Warp Track. The laminate, made of 0.1mm thick metal strips, allows the display to slide over each other. This makes the device flexible and durable. It’s also designed to fit in a 2-in-1 plate.

It’s a prototype, so no details are available about its price and release date. However, it has an English-language explainer video. It also has a 48MP-led triple rear camera setup.

OPPO has unveiled a new concept phone with an OLED flexible screen. The OPPO X 2021 has a 6.7-inch screen that rolls out to a 7.4-inch display. It’s called the OPPO 2021. It was unveiled during the OPPO Inno Day event.

MicroSD and headphone jack

Considering that the flagship mobile segment is currently stumbling at the rate of a pig in a poke, one can safely assume that the microSD and headphone jack are the last things on anyone’s list of priorities. Luckily, there’s a new entry into the fray: the OnePlus. In fact, OnePlus has announced three major OS updates for its latest and greatest flagships. In addition, the company has promised to roll out three years of security updates and a year of upgrades on top of the standard two.

Besides the aforementioned OnePlus, Samsung and LG are also in the game. While these companies may be missing out on the oohs and aahs, they’ve nailed the smartphone competition. Aside from the aforementioned flagships, the likes of LG, Samsung, and HTC are releasing midrange devices that will go head-to-head with their rivals.


OPPO recently announced its new camera technology, and it looks promising. The company released a video to tease the new camera design. Its optical system will support autofocus and optical image stabilization. It will also feature a 52mm-equivalent lens.

OPPO’s cameras will feature two spots of TOF 3D cameras that will allow for better bokeh. It will also feature a dual camera setup on the rear. This will give the phone a bigger image size.

The Oppo phone will also automatically retract its lens in case it is dropped. It can be retracted in as little as 0.6 seconds. This means it can be used at night.

Oppo is also working with Hasselblad to develop mobile imaging software that can be used in low-light situations. This includes a Night Mode that runs only in the pro mode.