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Okta Mobile Review


Okta Mobile has an app available in the App Store. To download the app, you must enter a four-digit PIN code. Once you have the PIN code, you can access your favorite apps from the mobile app. It has a variety of features, including secure payments.

Okta’s OMM platform

Unlike other OMM platforms, Okta’s OMM platform allows you to automate your directory setup. Users can be imported manually or by downloading an agent and logging into the system. You can also set up new users and groups, set authentication, and manage API Tokens. Okta also includes a comprehensive system log that shows all logged events over the past 30 days.

Okta’s OMM platform has two pricing tiers. The developer tier is priced based on monthly active users (MAUs) and allows you to manage up to 50K users. The enterprise tier includes unlimited MAUs and unlimited OIDC clients. It is easy to set up, and many features are intuitive.

The SaaS-based platform provides a complete view of your organization’s operations. With this full view, you can improve security and manage risks. You can also use it to analyze the usage logs of all users. This information can feed into ML algorithms to help you detect breaches.

Okta’s SDKs

Okta’s SDKs for the mobile browser, SPA, and mobile applications provide the ability to sign in and sign out for users easily. In addition, you can implement a user store to manage user data. Once the user signs in, they are redirected to your app. You can specify a callback route and redirect URI in the application’s UI. You can configure the callback URI in the application’s settings or the Admin UI. The callback URI should be the same as the sign-in and sign-out URI.

Okta’s SDKs for the mobile web and mobile applications are designed to simplify authentication for end users and improve device security. The platform also supports biometrics and branded push notifications. The SDKs for these platforms will be available in early access in 2021.

Okta Verify is an authenticator and MFA mobile app that allows users to confirm their identity whenever they log in. Users can sign in using a one-time code or approve a push notification. This application also enables users to register their mobile devices with their social accounts. It provides users with a high level of security while maintaining their usability.

Okta’s integration network

Okta’s integration network helps companies connect to applications they already use to create a more seamless experience for employees and customers. The platform offers a wide range of integrations, including Recognize, which lets companies launch employee engagement and recognition strategies. It also enables HR managers to distribute rewards to employees quickly and securely.

OKTA also offers a centralized IAM platform that enables organizations to deploy secure authentication across applications and services. Organizations can simplify and streamline the process of deploying, managing, and de-provisioning users through this centralized solution. This feature allows organizations to easily onboard new APIs and streamlines policy design.

Okta provides federation using SAML and OIDC, so users can sign in using a different identity provider. Additionally, it provides APIs for managing user provisioning and removal and allows users to access other applications and services. Users can also export logs to SIEM providers and consolidate endpoint management and API gateways.

Okta’s mobile app

Okta’s mobile app delivers the Single Sign-On experience to your mobile devices. It supports iPads, iPhones, and Android devices and lets you log into multiple applications with a single click. The app also features password management and a convenient, unified user interface. If you’re looking for a secure mobile app, you’ll be pleased to know that Okta offers a free trial.

You can create new apps in Okta. Just copy the values from the Audience and Issuer fields to the new app. Then, select the “Apps” button and follow the instructions. If unsure how to proceed, you can submit a Help Desk case to the campus IT team. They will contact you and send you instructions.

Once the app has been installed on your mobile devices, you can manage members. You’ll see the names of members assigned to your team in Okta. You can also set other users to access your organization’s Okta account. This way, you can put different apps for different users.