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New Balance Lifestyle – Inspire a Healthier Lifestyle Through Running and Community Support


Unlike Nike, New Balance lacks a central hub where consumers can track releases and anticipate drops. That hasn’t stopped it from becoming a staple at mall stores and seeing an upswing among younger consumers.

Enter the 990v5, launched in 2019. This latest rendition of the classic series borrowed heavily from its predecessors while making itself stand out.


New Balance shoes have long been associated with soft foam cushioning and classic styles. Still, for this shoemaker, those features only mark the beginning of a holistic approach to fitness that prioritizes health and wellbeing. Now New Balance’s mission of inspiring healthier lifestyles through running and community support will reach a new audience.

“Always in Beta,” supported by a series of anthem films featuring some of the world’s leading athletes and coaches, is a call to action for both professional runners and recreational runners alike to commit to becoming better every day – as well as to reposition the brand as an approachable fitness lifestyle brand rather than niche performance specialist.

New Balance has long enjoyed a solid fan base, yet its reputation as “dad shoes” was becoming detrimental. Thanks to Samia Akbar, New Balance’s marketing manager lead for collaborations and energy, its image has begun to change thanks to partnerships with Mowalola, Casablanca, and Miu Miu that showcase these sneakers in more fashionable ways while giving creators the freedom to show them off in their way.

Akbar’s team has also been hard at work cultivating more high-profile, performance-oriented collaborations with District Vision and Stone Island that showcase New Balance’s advanced technologies. By using its “smash lab,” where experimental foam samples are prodded, crushed, and evaluated using sophisticated machinery, New Balance has also shown its best in technology.

Whether it’s for an autumn marathon, a local turkey trot, or just running daily – nothing better can give your body and mind the boost it needs than donning New Balance shoes! As part of their unprecedented partnership with Strava, New Balance invites all runners of every discipline to participate in their “Run Your Way” challenge by logging activities visible publicly or only to your followers on Strava – doing so unlocks rewards such as $20 off purchases from New Balance as well as a custom Strava badge!


New Balance shoes are known for their dedication to comfort and fit and their leadership in fashion. Offering retro-inspired styles and modern silhouettes perfect for gym wear or everyday life – New Balance truly has something suitable for every event and situation – and most New Balance products are produced here in America.

Some might see New Balance shoes as “dad shoes,” but wearing these stylish sneakers has become quite fashionable in recent years. Their styles offer comfort while looking great with jeans, casual shorts, and even maxi dresses; there is even a wide variety of width options so that you can find a pair to fit you perfectly!

New Balance was established initially as an orthopedic insole operation in 1906 and, since then, has always put style and performance at the core of its products, pushing sneaker technology further than ever before.

The 993 is an example, combining features from its 991 and 99X running shoes with new materials to produce one of the most durable sneakers available today. Its launch was not just hype but an instant bestseller and game-changer within its industry.

One example of the company’s dedication to style and fit can be seen through their 574 shorts designed specifically for athletes, which have become immensely popular across society. From rising tennis star Coco Gauff and running legend Jack Harlow to normcore-fashionista Hailey Bieber wearing it casually every day; from Coco Gauff and running legend Jack Harlow wearing them on the court and track respectively to Hailey Bieber sporting them on her street style fashion blog HaileyBieber wearing them everywhere they’ve worn them out there – even celebrities have donned them as well!

New Balance has taken steps to improve labor conditions, yet still ranks below average on the 2022 Fashion Transparency Index. Their use of animal hair (including wool and down) and exotic animal skin is profoundly concerning and does not guarantee that workers receive living wages in its final production stages. Nonetheless, New Balance boasts a comprehensive social audit program accredited by Fair Labor Association that covers their entire supply chain.


New Balance has built its brand on technical performance in the US market for decades. Over that period, its sneakers have become more technological thanks to advancements such as N-ERGY technology that combines cushioning and stability; New Balance shoes also feature bootie construction uppers with saddle overlays that offer additional support and are designed for everyday life.

This year, Nike is revitalizing its basketball-sneaker business – and one of its former employees who took over as vice president of global lifestyle in January 2020 is responsible. Yuron White led the rebranding initiative that propelled the Boston-based firm from the “ultimate dad shoe” category to the forefront of streetwear fashion.

New Balance has emerged as an unlikely success story in sneaker culture. Exploring how they managed to bridge aesthetic gaps between Bernie Sanders and Emily Ratajkowski while shifting global pecking orders in an $86 billion sneaker market reveals a story of alchemy involving innovative designers, supply-chain management practices, and an extraordinary journey that began at one of New Balance factories near Boston.

New Balance’s design team set out to craft a shoe that would appeal to sports-minded customers and fashionistas, creating the all-purpose 608v5 with its roomy toebox and wide selection of widths – offering optimal shock absorption during our tests for long walks.

This shoe blends classic New Balance style with contemporary trends. Available in various colors and materials, such as suede or leather, its popularity among those with wider feet makes this model especially desirable.

New Balance offers footwear designed for every activity imaginable. Their New Balance 990 running shoe, developed initially as a running shoe but now an integral part of streetwear culture, comes in multiple colors and styles and is worn by both men and women.


New Balance is a company dedicated to producing quality shoes for its customers. Their selection includes products suitable for various activities – running and walking shoes and those made specifically for people with specific needs – featuring long-lasting materials designed for durability and lightweight foot comfort. Their collection comes in various colors and styles so that users may select something appropriate.

New Balance takes pride in its sustainable business practices as much as its high-quality products. Their factory in Methuen, Massachusetts, is environmentally friendly and provides safe working conditions for their employees. Furthermore, New Balance has established three onsite health centers through Marathon Health to enhance employee wellness, significantly reducing smoking, high blood pressure, and work-related injuries among their associates.

The company sponsors various sports teams and individuals, such as the New York City Road Runners, who organize the New York City Marathon; the NBA team, the Boston Celtics; professional cycling teams; as well as football national and club teams worldwide and individual athletes from basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, lacrosse, and motorsports. Furthermore, this brand also offers a wide range of shoes tailored for women, men, children, and infants.

New Balance has the footwear and apparel to help any runner reach new personal bests, no matter your level. Their athletically designed footwear and apparel allow runners to focus solely on running rather than foot comfort or style – something which Kendall Ellis, Sydney McLaughlin, and Gabrielle Thomas all choose as running pros donning New Balance running gear! Runners like Kendall Ellis, Sydney McLaughlin, and Gabrielle Thomas prefer as New Balance allows them to focus more on what matters – being comfortable. In contrast, stylish will enable runners to focus more on sport than foot issues!

New Balance Athletics, Inc. was established in 1906 in Boston. Since then, its products have been distributed globally under its New Balance brand name and manufactured at various United States factories and offices worldwide. Their “N” logo – a New Balance Athletics Inc registered trademark – is the primary design element on sneakers sold under this label.