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Most Popular Internet Services for Serious Gamers


No matter how aesthetically pleasing and attractive a game display is nothing can outweigh the smooth and seamless gaming experience. Have you ever suffered from delays in getting started any game? Or network issue just at the moment you were about to get into a war zone and willing to achieve your target?

We have one word for you if your answer is yes! A disaster.

Regardless of having a seamless sidebar for chat and crystal-clear graphics internet connection is still the key contributor for having an outstanding gaming experience.

And for that, you need to acquire the right internet speed and connection. It will not only accelerate your performance but also give you an amazingly smooth experience.

We have brought some best internet services for you that would surely work for you if you take your gaming activities seriously and have the desire to accomplish gaming goals. Hopefully, this blog will assist you to turn your gaming journey remarkably staggering.

What Should Gamers Look for In Internet Plans?

It is not as simple as you may think to get the right internet connection for you. You need to consider several elements while analyzing internet plans offered by different service providers. Similarly, before finalizing any internet plan you should also check in some essentials if you want to prevent any difficulties or inconvenience in the future.

In general, you should have some knowledge about certain requirements for high-end gaming performance such as optimized graphics, the period of gameplay, streaming videos, and many others.

Therefore, while deciding on an internet plan make sure that it is capable enough to accolade your decorum. To help you out in the search for a righteous internet connection we have arranged some key things. So, let’s get right into it!

Get Lowest Level of Latency and Ping Rate

The postponement that happens between an action you do on the internet/web and the response you attain for it is what we call latency rate. Being a high-end gamer, you need to have a thorough evaluation of every spec mentioned in an offer.

Ping rate is the synonym for latency rate, and you should always prefer the lowest rate of it. Because it will facilitate you with a highly smooth and responsive gaming experience keeping the lag low. Similarly, the low latency rate will provide the least buffering gaming experience even during multi-player games.

Try to keep your internet latency rate below 150 ms. However, the ideal latency rate is below 20 ms for an outstanding gaming experience.

Attain High Download and Upload Speed

Your response time will automatically improve with a low latency rate which results in smooth gaming without compromising navigation speed. Other than this, upload and download speed are also very important that you should keep in your mind while examining an internet package.

As a gamer, you need to have 10 Mbps upload speed at least along with 25 Mbps-above download speeds.

Opt For Fiber Internet

Fiber internet connection should be your top priority for every serious gamer because it is the real game-changer. Fiber internet is the one solution for the fastest upload and download speeds and zeroes lag time. Moreover, it is 30X faster than an internet connection based on copper wire. Fiber optic cables transmit data with the speed of light which can help you to become a top gamer easily.

What Are the Best Internet Providers for Gaming?

After going through the elements vital for an outrageous gaming experience, it must have become quite easy for you to select the best internet plan for you. These will certainly help you to enhance your gaming experience.

Moving forward, a list of highly reputed and reliable internet service providers (ISPs) has been compiled to make your decision-making process easier. You can avail of amazing internet offers via any of these ISPs that meet your gaming requirements accurately.

AT&T Fiber for Gaming

With its internet packages, you can give tough time to other gamers in any gaming competition. It provides you least ping rate and countless benefits that usually come with a fiber internet connection.

However, you need to check if AT&T fiber is available in your area or not because the services of this ISP are restricted to states including Michigan, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Xfinity for Gaming

Another admirable name in the internet service providing industry, Xfinity. If you are seeking robust internet speed and incredible internet service this ISP is for you. Xfinity provides coverage to the largest areas of the country and its services are available across most of the states in the country.

You will enjoy a download speed of up to 1000 Mbps with a 78.1 ms latency rate (average). Plus, Xfinity offers a huge range of internet plans and packages so check out which one suits you best.

Verizon for Gaming

It would also be your great pick to have the best gaming experience on the internet. In particular, this ISP is truly appropriate when it comes to selecting an internet plan for gamers because of the fast-paced offers you get there.

Version Fios is well-known in the gaming community as it provides options in its internet packages such as 940 Mbps download speed, 880 upload speed, and no data limit. Interestingly you can get these features easily because its internet plans are budget-friendly.

Spectrum for Gaming

Spectrum does not need any introduction because across the USA this ISP is highly preferred by customers. Do you know why? Because its plans and packages are truly affordable and come in bundles as well. For example, you can acquire cable TV or/and home phone service in bundle packages with cable internet.

For gaming activities, you can acquire internet connections starting from $49.99/month which is the cheapest price. As its internet plans are highly cost-effective you would go for the fastest internet speed with up to 940 Mbps download speed.

The good thing is Spectrum has rendered its services covering 42 states of the USA which means there are greater possibilities that you can avail of its services. Additionally, it offers WIFI-hotspots across the country and its latency rate is 24 ms (average). Sound great! Isn’t it?

Go For the Best!

Being a gamer, you will never tolerate compromising on your gaming experience just because of an incompetent internet connection. There must be no room for an internet connection that hinders you from reaching out to your potential.

You deserve to get the best internet connection. Thereby, you need to explore other ISPs in the industry as well such as WOW! Cable and make thorough comparison among internet plans available at each ISP.

Once completing the analysis short-list the best options and then match the internet plans with your needs and budget. Finally, select the one that would not only meet your needs and budget but also help you to improve your overall performance.