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Molina Insurance Reviews


Molina insurance reviews reveal that the company is a good provider of healthcare. Their plans cover preventive care, a zero-deductible plan, and Medicare prescription drugs. They also have a broker support unit. While this company may be a good choice for those, who want health insurance that’s easy to use, their reviews also highlight a few areas that need improvement.

Molina’s plans include preventive care.

Molina Healthcare offers a variety of medical plans for low-income families. Its mission is to provide health care to people in need while maintaining low-cost premiums. The company is based in Long Beach, California, but provides plans in 15 states, serving close to five million people. In California, Molina health plans are available in the six pricing regions of Covered California: the Eastern Region, the L.A. County-northeast and southwest, the Inland Empire, and San Diego County.

Health plans offered by Molina include Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold plans have lower out-of-pocket maximums and include preventive care services. In addition, these plans include a range of preventive services, family planning services, pediatric vision, and dental services, home health services, and formulary preventative prescription drugs without a copayment.

Molina’s plans also include several online tools. Its MyMolina portal, for instance, provides members with a health appraisal in English and Spanish. It also offers personalized health education resources, medical library access, and exercise guides. Another helpful tool is a cost estimator. This tool lets members know how much their medical bills will cost before they receive treatment.

It offers a zero-deductible plan.

In Los Angeles County, Molina Insurance offers a zero-deductible health insurance plan for individuals and families. This plan is excellent for people who need health insurance coverage but do not have enough money to pay the premiums. In addition, it is available through Covered California, a program that provides tax credits to people with low income.

Members of Molina’s health insurance plans can access several online resources, including personal health records, access to the real-time status of claims, and online bill pay. Molina has various health insurance plans based on an HMO network. The Silver Plan offers four options, depending on the member’s needs. The Gold and Platinum plans include zero-deductible health care and a wide variety of benefits, including preventative care services, pediatric vision and dental, and home health services.

The premium for Molina’s zero-deductible health insurance plan depends on your needs and geographic area. However, Molina’s quotes are significantly lower than most of its competitors. The company’s website makes comparisons easy, and its literature offers a clear and straightforward explanation of premiums and benefits. You can choose bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and dual-option plans.

It offers a Medicare prescription drug plan.

Molina Insurance offers a Medicare prescription drug benefit plan through its subsidiary, Molina Healthcare. While the plan does not cover hospitalization, it does cover most prescription medications. Molina contracts with a variety of pharmacies within its service area. Outside the service area, the plan covers out-of-network prescriptions in cases of emergency or urgent need. If you cannot speak English, an interpreter can help you communicate with the pharmacy. Molina Healthcare has a 24-hour hotline that can be accessed via your mobile device.

Molina has two main markets for its insurance product – Medicaid and the marketplace. Medicaid is the most significant part of the company’s business, and the marketplace plans are adjuncts to Medicaid. However, the company recently discontinued selling its bronze and silver products. This move is in response to the negative market trends.

Molina’s Medicare Complete Care plan, an HMO that contracts with Medicare and Medi-Cal, is an excellent choice for those seeking a lower-cost plan. It offers low out-of-pocket costs and zero-dollar copays for Medicare-approved healthcare services. Its premium is less than Molina’s Medicare Advantage plan, but it offers more benefits and lower copayments. In addition, the coverage is available in more states.

It has a broker support unit.

Brokers can access their book of business and production reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using the Molina brokerage portal. This also allows them to view the client accounts that are paid to date and follow up on any unpaid clients. A dedicated broker support unit is also available to answer brokers’ questions and concerns about the products and services offered by Molina.

C. David Molina founded the company in 1980 in Long Beach, California. He leveraged his experience providing health care to low-income people through state Medicaid programs to create Molina Healthcare. Today, the company offers affordable health insurance marketplace plans in 11 states and counties.

Agents can complete the onboarding process for Molina Healthcare online. The process involves uploading documents and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract. Once accepted, an agent receives a username and password to access their back office. Molina’s system will process the background check and pay monthly commissions by direct deposit.