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Midea Microwave Review


The MM720CGE model from Midea has a 20L capacity and an easy-to-open push-button door. It also doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen and comes with five different temperature settings, including a low setting for soup stews. On the medium-high setting, you can cook fish or chicken; on the low setting, you can heat water for a cup of soup.

Inverter technology

During her tenure as a senior design editor at Good Housekeeping, Sharon Franke tested dozens of microwaves and discovered the true value of Midea’s inverter technology. In addition to being highly efficient, Midea microwaves are also extremely easy to clean, thanks to their high-temperature-resistant glass interior and stainless steel exterior. In addition, the Midea flash chef high-speed oven provides exceptional cooking performance with its sleek design and 8-inch HD TFT touch panel. And thanks to the company’s advanced inverter technology, the product is incredibly durable, too!

Microwaves that use inverter technology cook food with a constant stream of energy, which helps retain the food’s flavor and texture. Other microwaves mimic lower heat settings by switching on and off repeatedly, causing food to become overcooked at the edges or cool in the middle. Inverter technology gives you control over the exact temperature of your food, allowing you to cook delicate foods like chicken breasts, eggs, and sauces at the exact amount of power needed.

Lock function

The Midea microwave oven features a grill function, which is great for quickly defrosting frozen food or keeping cooked food warm. It has a rotary turntable, which allows the tray to rotate within the microwave, and a lock function to prevent children from accidentally operating the device. This model also features an anti-fingerprint function for easier cleaning. Let’s take a look at some of its most useful features.


If you’re in the market for a new microwave, there are a few things to consider. Below are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for one. Although pre-programmed settings are useful, you should never buy a microwave based solely on its presets. Presets are shortcuts to pre-programmed cooking settings, but you can always input the exact settings you’re looking for to prepare the foods you like to eat.


Among the many advantages of buying a Midea microwave oven is its sleek contemporary design and beautiful finish. This model uses a rotary turntable, which turns the plate while cooking to ensure even heat distribution throughout your food. Not only does this feature increase the cooking time, but it also makes better use of dead spaces. Its sleek design also makes it very easy to clean. The measurements of the Midea microwave oven will help you determine if this model is right for your kitchen.

This heavy-duty commercial microwave has braille navigation and a user-friendly touchpad for adjusting cooking times. It features 11 power levels and three cooking stages. Other features of a Midea microwave oven include a USB port and a time-entry option. Its 2100-watt capacity is a big plus for businesses. Another great feature is its interior light, which makes it easy to monitor your food without opening the door.


If you are looking for a good microwave oven, the Midea brand might be the right one. Its amazing features allow you to cook food quickly and uniformly. Midea microwaves come in different sizes with different price ranges. You can reheat leftovers with this microwave oven. You can thaw meats before cooking with it too. If you want to reheat meats, you may purchase a microwave oven with a thawing function.

Besides being affordable, the Midea Microwave price is also reasonable. A leading electronic brand makes it, and it is fast, efficient, and modern. Its 20-liter tank allows you to cook enough food for your average family. You can even store cooked food and reheat it later if you want to. A great feature of the Microwave is its storage capacity. The average family can use it up to twice daily with a full tank.