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Maleficent Makeup Tutorial


The Maleficent makeup tutorial is the perfect way to get a creepy and eerie look for Halloween. It features some Angelina Jolie’s creepy eye makeup and MAC’s smokey eye shadows. It also features black mascara that makes the villain look fierce. The makeup tutorial is easy to follow and includes step-by-step instructions. For best results, practice before you watch the movie!

Angelina Jolie’s creepy eye makeup

Maleficent’s role in the movie ‘Bad Moms’ required Angelina Jolie to master many different crafts, including special effects makeup, prosthetics specialists, and a team of costume designers. Jolie collaborated with makeup artist Toni G and special effects makeup master Rick Baker to create the look. As the movie’s main character, Jolie wore elaborate prosthetics for a decade.

For the base, Jolie usually wears black. Then she applies a darker foundation on her cheekbones and sides of the face. Then, she blends the entire makeup at the jawline and sets it with a translucent powder. Jolie also avoids blush on her cheeks and opts for neutral lip color. A red lip is not necessary because her lips are naturally large.

The makeup she used in the movie is inspired by the color of the labradorite stone, a metallic gem with a swirly appearance. The director used the stone to design the eyeshadow palette for the character. The color of the creepy contact lenses also came from this stone. Christina Patterson painted the contact lenses, and Rick Baker said the color came from a goat’s eye. Regardless of the inspiration, Jolie’s creepy eyes look is a memorable one that will catch the eye of fans.

The makeup isn’t as green or pale as it may look on movie posters. It’s a bit pinker than Jolie’s natural skin tone, but it’s not as green as you might expect. Jolie wanted to avoid using green makeup. She chose to use a MAC Select Cover Concealer color that is a shade lighter than Jolie’s natural tone.

The movie’s star has worn various hair colors over the years. In 1991, she wore black boots with a silver bat charm. The actress has also favored black and has sported a deep auburn hair color in recent years. She recently wore her hair darker to promote the movie Maleficent. And she also rocked a pretty pink lip in the trailers for her new film Maleficent.

MAC’s smokey eye shadows

If you’ve wanted to recreate the look of Maleficent from the film, this makeup tutorial will show you how. The smokey eyeshadows from MAC are the perfect choice for this look. You can create it in 5 minutes or less. For the perfect smokey eye, you’ll need to highlight your cheekbones. Use a bronzer and bronze eyeshadow to get the perfect shade.

If you love the iconic beauty look from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, the MAC Maleficent Makeup Collection is a must-have. If you’re a MAC fan, you may already have several of the company’s products. The Smoky Eye Shadows are a must for this look and will give your eyes a sultry look. You’ll also need the MAC Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara to amplify your lashes.

The eyeshadow used to create this look should be darker near the nose and lighter along the hairline on the side. You’ll also want to darken your eyebrows using the Gel Eye Glider in Blackest Black. If you have naturally light eyebrows, applying a dark eyebrow color to them will be a little strange. Remember that Maleficent has horns on her head, so your eyebrows will look even darker.

If you’re a fan of the Disney classic “Maleficent,” you can make the look as realistic as possible using MAC’s smokey eye shadow colors. The upcoming movie is out on October 18 and has received rave reviews from Hollywood. So start thinking about your costume now. This makeup tutorial is a perfect way to get the look of the film. You’ll be ready for the Halloween festivities!

MAC’s black mascara

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Maleficent, MAC has released a Maleficent makeup tutorial using the company’s black mascara. This look is sure to be a hit with fans. Maleficent’s signature look features a red lip, high cheekbones, and a smoky eye. To achieve the look, follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

The first step in achieving Maleficent’s look is applying a smokey eye. This will give you a dramatic, menacing look. To achieve this, start with black eyeshadow on a light-colored base. Use black mascara to darken the crease area, and add some drama to the eyelashes. Finally, apply a glossy red lip.