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Lg Wing Review: an amazing phone, or a complete waste of your money!


Before we get to the LG Wing review, let me tell you what this phone is…

Lg Wing Review is a smartphone unlike any other, with a crazy spinning style that makes it stand out relative to even the weirdest 2020 models. It’s also the first phone in LG’s new Explorer Project brand to experiment with new ways to think about how we design and use our smartphones.

This $999 phone, of course, isn’t bad, but it lacks the creativity needed to make it worth but this amount of money on a phone!

The Lg Wing Review looks cool, but it’s also expensive—at $999, it costs as much as a brand-new iPhone 12 Pro or Galaxy S20 and more than many other great phones.

That’s a lot of money to put on a funky screen gimmick, which is ultimately the key thing that distinguishes Wing from less costly phones with identical features, including Motorola One 5G, Pixel 4A, and Pixel 5, and LG’s Velvet earlier this year.

It’s weird but exciting.

All Lg Wing Review can agree that this is the weirdest phone in 2020. The phone has a unique swivel screen that adds a breath of fresh, imaginative air to the stagnant world of rectangular smartphones.

Its T-shaped two-screen interface makes it the perfect phone for multi-taskers who want to take notes while at Zoom meetings or access both music and maps while travelling. It also has a Gimbal video mode that simulates an attachment to Steadicam.

I wish this revolutionary smartphone would have been a slam dunk, but the handset is incredibly heavy and underpowered at a price. The promise of using two screens at once also falls a little short as you remember that third-party applications are unable to take advantage of the latest interface.

The LG Wing looks like a big, heavy, but ordinary smartphone. At 6.67 by 2.93 by 0.43 inches (HWD), it is about the same width and height as most wide flagships and only 0.1 inches thicker. But of course, it weighs 9.17 ounces.

I called the 8-once iPhone 12 Pro Max too hard, so it’s a brick—though there’s a justification for that. Move the bottom of the screen in the clockwise direction and boom! The handset is in “T” format, with a widescreen above in landscape orientation and a smaller screen below it.

Lg Wing Review: Pros and Cons

Okay, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the phone…


     The phone has incredible cameras

     It’s perfect for doing many things at one time

     So comfortable for watching videos

     The quality of the phone is good


     Very heavy

     I can’t find many cases where you can use the second screen

     Performance isn’t too good for this price

Lg Wing Review: Battery

Backing they Wing Review two screens is a 4,000-mAh battery, which matches the size of the power pack in Verizon’s version of the LG’s other new phone, the Velvet.

On the other hand, Lg Wing has an extra display and the addition of millimetre-wave radios for 5G on Verizon’s network, which bites into power. Thus, in the very same battery test using the Wing, we only saw an average of 8 hours and 11 minutes with just one screen lit; with both screens on, that dropped to an average of 7:03.

Thankfully, the Wing does at least charge quickly, hitting 57 per cent from empty in 30 minutes with its included charger.


Is Lg Wing a good phone?

Checking all Lg Wing Reviews, we can say that’s it’s a very unique phone with lots of good qualities. The phone has a bad side which we talked about, but overall, it’s not bad!