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Joloko’s Caribbean-Inspired Menu


If you’re looking for a new spot to experience the authentic flavors of West Africa, consider joloko. This West African restaurant offers a unique menu featuring meat, seafood, and a sharing plate concept. The restaurant also features a natural wine list. You’ll find a wide range of dishes that are easy to share and enjoy.

joloko is a traditional West African dish

Joloko is a dish that originated in West Africa. Its traditional form is made from rice soaked in fish sauce and served with herbs and spices. It is commonly served with vegetables and is served with a rice crust. It is also served in a royal version with additional ingredients. Other variations include jollof rice, which is made with meat and vegetables.

Originally, jollof rice originated in the Senegambian region, ruled by the Jolof Empire in the 14th-16th centuries. This region encompassed modern-day Gambia and Senegal.

joloko is a sharing-plate restaurant

Joloko is a relaxed and casual Chicago restaurant that offers a variety of Caribbean-inspired sharing plates. Chef TJ draws influences from Latin American and Caribbean cuisines. The menu includes charcoal grilled meats, vegan options, and heart-warming sweets. To add a touch of spice, the restaurant offers a variety of homemade hot sauces to complement the food.

Joloko also offers a wide range of natural wines. Its extensive list includes reds, whites, and crossovers. The restaurant also offers takeaway and delivery. You can also follow the live broadcast of the restaurant from Beepit, the live social media platform for restaurants in the city.

joloko serves meat and seafood

Joloko is a new addition to the culinary scene in KL, serving chili-infused meat, seafood dishes, and mezcal cocktails. Named for the jolokia pepper (also called the ghost pepper), the restaurant is a favorite of chilli connoisseurs. The restaurant is co-owned by chili connoisseurs Kit and Penny and is situated in a pale-yellow building next to the Hotel Stripes. The entrance and exterior have tropical green plants. Inside, you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere – tropical vibes abound.

Food at Joloko is meant to be shared, so each course is generously sized. The menu features a grilled bone-in lamb steak with a jerk spice blend and a side of jollof rice, a classic West African dish. The rice is rich with tomatoes, and the sauce stings as it sits on the plate. The restaurant also plans to grow and use locally grown vegetables.

joloko offers natural wines

The restaurant focuses on serving local, natural wines. These wines are biodynamic and organic, and include red, white, sparkling, and crossover varieties. Joloko also offers takeaway and delivery services. A special Valentine’s Day menu offered a 7-course tasting menu for two. The service was excellent, and the food was delicious.

Superb cocktails accompany the Caribbean-inspired menu. The bartender, Rick Joore, formerly of Troika’s Coppersmith, has mastered the art of mixing Caribbean flavors with international tastes and cultures. Guests can expect a range of natural wines, beers, and cocktails to accompany their dinners.

joloko offers food delivery

JOLOKO is a Caribbean-themed restaurant with an open bar and a high glass ceiling. It is located in a heritage house near Hotel Stripes. The owner, Mentahmatter, took the existing building and transformed it into an elegant dining venue, adding murals by Ipoh. The restaurant offers food delivery, food pick-up, and catering services.

The Caribbean-inspired restaurant offers jerk chicken, grilled octopus, pork ribs, lamb steak, and vegetarian and vegan kebab skewers. There is also a wide selection of mezcal, tequila, and natural wines. The food is all served with a side of spicy mango relish and Joloko rice, fried plantains, and Jamaican jerk sauce.