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Jailbreak Trading Values


Jailbreak is a beloved Roblox game where players can experience the excitement of high-speed races and heists, featuring vehicles of various kinds, which all play an essential role. Vehicle value depends on factors like rarity, demand, and special features, which determine its worth!

The Torpedo car in Jailbreak has an estimated trading value of over $30 Million and was introduced as part of the 2018 Winter Update.


Jailbreak, the popular Roblox game created by Badimo, offers players access to various vehicles and textures they can collect to enhance their gameplay experience. While these items might look pretty, they each possess value in the trading world based on rarity and demand; knowing this value allows players to make informed trading decisions without being duped into scamming schemes by other players.

Jailbreak vehicles’ values are determined by their speed, acceleration, handling characteristics; unique features; customization options, and availability in-game availability. While these parameters can change with every update and adjustment to the game, for the most accurate valuation, you should communicate with other community members or join Discord servers for real-time updates.

One of the critical factors determining vehicle value in Jailbreak is rarity. Different vehicles in Jailbreak come with various monsters, from standard to legendary; some can even be redeemed for free! But remember, rare vehicle values will fluctuate depending on updates to the game.

Lia’s Spaceship holds the highest value in Jailbreak with over one billion dollars and boasts one of the fastest vehicles, boasting one of the highest peak speeds. Torpedo follows with over thirty million dollars worth. Recently added in the 2020 winter update is the Beam hybrid supercar, which also holds high trading value; previously only redeemable after reaching Level 10 in season 1.


Jailbreak trading values depend on various factors, including rarity and demand. Understanding these factors is crucial to making smart investment decisions in-game, such as speed, acceleration, handling characteristics, and unique features or customization options that influence vehicle values. There are various resources available to you that can assist with assessing what your ride is truly worth.

The Jailbreak Value List is an invaluable resource for determining the value of vehicles in-game. Created by experienced players actively trading cars daily, it is regularly updated so all vehicles are priced reasonably and accurately so you can make informed trading decisions without fear of scamming or unethical deals.

Whether you’re buying or selling cars in Jailbreak, understanding their value is crucial to finding what suits you at a fair price. The Jailbreak Value List should be seen as an essential tool in making the most of trading experiences in the game.

Each vehicle in Jailbreak has a specific rarity level that influences its trading value. Some rarest cars include Beam, Brulee, and Torpedo, which are highly sought-after due to their speed and tier.

While some of these vehicles can be found throughout the game, others are exclusive to specific events or heists – for instance, the Brulee was whole to Winter Update. At the same time, Torpedo has only been made available as limited-time vehicles. These fast yet enjoyable drives remain valuable commodities within the Jailbreak community, as fast driving speeds are essential.

Jailbreak offers more than just vehicles: players can customize the appearance of their car with various textures from Jailbreak. These textures can be purchased for cash or Robux, or they may be found inside safes. These unique touches give players’ vehicles a distinctive and customized appearance.


Jailbreak allows players to trade vehicles and textures as valuable trading items, which can be redeemed for real cash. Still, each in-game item has a specific value determined by rarity and demand. Knowing these values is crucial if players want to maximize their trading experience in Jailbreak.

Vehicles in Jailbreak can be classified by their rarity; rare cars will fetch higher trading market values. Acknowledging its rarity will also help determine its value when trading it on, as well as help protect you from being scammed by other players – something especially crucial when dealing with difficult-to-redeem vehicles like Airtails, Arachnids, or Beams that require redemption by other players.

Utilizing the Jailbreak Trading Values Tier List is an invaluable way to gain more insight into the worth of different vehicles in-game. This list was compiled by experienced Jailbreak players who actively trade cars every day; however, keep in mind that value may alter with every update and adjustment to the game; make sure you check this list often and engage with the community through the Discord server or in-game chat for real-time information regarding changes on the trading market.

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Jailbreak trading values depend on several factors, including rarity, demand and how they were obtained. To protect yourself against being scammed or engaging in unfair trades, follow the Jailbreak Value List regularly and stay abreast of updates/adjustments; alternatively, join the community via Discord server chats for real-time insight into trading markets.

Jailbreak trading values consider many aspects of a vehicle’s engine, performance, and customization options that affect its worth when trading them. A valuable way of establishing its value is by comparing it with similar cars in its class.

Jailbreak offers more than vehicles; there is a diverse selection of textures to customize your in-game experience and trade for new abilities or performance enhancements of existing cars. Before trading for textures it’s essential to understand their value before selling them away.