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iSee4 eye massager from Breo review – an unbelievable gadget


The best way to start an iSee4 eye massager from Breo review is by highlighting that in the modern days, people are increasingly spending time in front of screens such as that their laptops, smartphones, TVs, and so on. As a result, eye fatigue is now a common problem. This is why it is paramount to have gadgets such as the iSee4 eye massager compact and can be easily carried anywhere.

The iSee 4 eye massager from Breo is a highly comfortable top-of-the-range eye massager. Describing it briefly, it features 180 degrees is foldable to enhance storage and portability. The eye massager also features intelligent air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology. Furthermore, it also comes with a built-in audio player and pre-recorded natural sounds to further smooth users.

iSee4 eye massager from Breo review – Design

The iSee 4 eye massager’s design is unique, incorporates double color match, and reveals many future technology elements. Its aesthetic design is a perfect integration of fashion and technology. The device looks like the standard eye massager or headset, and users will have to strap it on their heads the same way gamers put on the VR gaming consoles. The major highlight of the iSee4 eye is its compactness.

The device weighs slightly above 300g, and its dimensions measure 8.19 x 2.76 x 4.17 inches. The eye massager’s 180-degree complete fold design ensures the eyes are entirely covered to avoid natural light penetration. It also makes the massager suitable for different shapes. The iSee4 features an inside suede covering that makes it feel comfortable with the eyes.

It also has a carefully designed airbag pressure that ensures the massager is close to the user’s eyes and exerts minimal comfort and effect. On the side of the massager is a mini LCD that displays basic details about the massage.

iSee4 eye massager from Breo review – Features


The Breo iSee4 eye massager offers users three modes: sleep, strength, and comfort, which are best suited for different circumstances. The sleep mode is ideal for having the massager in the night or during a short nap while the comfort one is fit for a relaxing massage any time of the day. The strength model is for an intensive session to produce maximum results. The multi-mode feature makes the iSee4 eye massager from Breo a must-have device, particularly for people who do not compromise the quality of their relaxing time.

Sound effects

An honest iSee4 eye massager from Breo review should point out its pre-loaded sound effects. Users are spoilt for choice between several sounds such as running water, bird songs, cicadas, and so on. This is a popular feature when traveling, particularly for individuals who enjoy falling asleep to musical sounds.

Built-in music

Users can also utilize the in-built audio player to listen to music while relaxing. Music has been known to have numerous benefits on aspects such as mood, and users can enjoy these while resting.

iSee4 eye massager from Breo review – Battery

iSee4 eye massager from Breo review – One of the most frustrating things is having an electronic gadget with a poor battery. However, this is not the case with this device. The iSee4 eye massager also has an 800mhA lithium battery that a short entire charge period and longer working time. An accurate iSee4 eye massager from Breo review will point out that the battery’s specifications make it last well for traveling if doing so on using means of transportation that do not have charging outlets.

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What is the power consumption of the iSee4 eye massager?

The iSee4 eye massager has a power consumption of 5 Watts.

Does the manufacturer provide a warranty on the iSee4 eye massager?

Yes. The iSee4 eye massager has a free 2-year warranty.

Does it have any health benefits?

Yes. It is recommended to use the eye massager every time after watching TV for healthier eyes.