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Impression Homes Reviews


Purchasing a home is a considerable investment, and there are a lot of factors to consider before you sign a contract. First, you need to know exactly what to expect from the process and ensure that your new home will meet your expectations. Read our impression homes reviews to help you make an informed decision. Also, you should be aware that you and the builder must sign the contracts.


In Redacted impression homes reviews, the real estate agent who negotiated the contract with the Freitas couple is not identified. However, the Freitas Realtor and Cendera Funding representative is present during the contract signing. The couple spent half an hour touring the model home and left the premises for another two hours while a contract was prepared. They then returned the following day to sign the contract. During this time, they had ample time to change their minds. The Freitas’ Realtor and the representative from Cendera Funding did not pressure them to sign the contract. Additionally, the couple did not bring Earnest Money to Impression Homes until the day after the contract was signed. The check they brought to Impression Homes was dated January 28, 2018.

Redacted signed a contract with Impression Homes.

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