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Hurom H101 Review


The Hurom H101 is a high-quality juicer that is quite quiet and produces super dry pulp. It also requires minimal clean-up. The machine is very easy to use, and clean-up is a breeze. It is also very quiet, and it does not require force-feeding. Instead, the auger pulls in produce automatically. This means that you can spend more time chopping vegetables and fruit rather than feeding the machine. Another great feature of this juicer is its attractive design.

Easy clean

The Hurom Easy clean H101 juicer is one of the best juicers for making healthy juices. It offers optimal nutrition and taste without complicated cleaning. The juicer is suitable for making a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other foods, and it can produce healthy smoothies and cold-pressed juices. It also makes nut milks. It is a high-quality juicer, and one of the best juicers for beginners.

Juice from citrus fruits and vegetables is best consumed immediately, so you can make this healthy juice quickly and easily. Carrots are easy to peel and cut into two-inch pieces. You can also make healthy ice creams with this juicer. It comes with a juice outlet, and it is easy to clean. It produces one glass of juice at a time. The Hurom H101 Easy Clean Juicer comes with a juice outlet, and you can simply remove the pulp and rinse it thoroughly.

The Hurom H101 juicer comes with BPA-free Tritan copolyester glass collection containers. The Hurom H101 is also equipped with a blank screen that is great for homogenizing tasks. It is ideal for making nut butters, frozen treats, concoctions, and smoothies. The Hurom H101 is lightweight and easy to clean. And it is available in several colors, so you can find the perfect juicing machine for your kitchen.

The Hurom H101 has an attractive chrome or plastic housing. It also has a small footprint and features a powerful 150-watt motor. The motor rotates the auger at a slow 43 rpm, and it is capable of running for 30 minutes without stopping. Other features of the Hurom H101 include a Tritan copolyester BPA-free juicing chamber and an ABS BPA-free polymer feeding chute.


The Quiet Hurom H101 juicer is a popular juicer for many reasons. Its quiet operation is one of the most important factors for home users. This juicer is also very easy to clean. There are two strainers that form thin slits in the top, which separate pulp from juice. Because of its unique design, you will enjoy the benefits of this juicer. Hurom has a lot of experience marketing to the health food industry.

The Hurom H101 features a dual-wing auger system that separates pulp from juice. The first stage of the dual-wing auger system cuts the ingredients into smaller pieces, while the second stage chews out the juice. Unlike many juicers, there are no sharp edges, and the juicing chamber is made of chemical-resistant polymer. The Hurom H101’s dual-wing auger system is remarkably quiet compared to similar juicers.

The Hurom H101 is easy to clean and offers a wide range of juice quality. Compared to other vertical slow juicers, the Hurom H101’s optimal juice rate of 43 RPM produces flavorful, nutrient-rich juice with no pulp. The Hurom H101 is quiet and easy to clean. And, its automatic syringes make clean up a breeze! This juicer will help you make healthy and delicious juice in no time at all.

This juicer has a small 11.8 ounce Second Generation chamber. This juicer can handle fruit, vegetables, and ice cream. The Hurom HP juicer weighs 18.2 lbs. This juicer is also easy to use, and features a three-degree tilted 16.9 ounce chamber. It also includes a pulp control function and an 180-degree pulp outlet. You can purchase the Hurom H101 juicer online.

Juice quality

The Hurom H101 is an impressive juicer that can easily be cleaned and sanitized. In addition to being easy to use, this juicer is also outstanding in terms of juice quality. Most vertical slow juicers produce juice at speeds of up to 80 RPM. This juicer operates at an optimal 43 RPM, producing nutrient-packed, bone-dry pulp and flavorful juice. The Hurom H101 is also quieter than many comparable juicers.

The Hurom H101 juicer is an efficient juicer that uses the patented Low-Speed Technology System to break apart the solids and extract juices. This helps preserve more vitamins and nutrients in the juice. In addition, it has an easy-clean system and comes with a 10 year warranty. This juicer is a great choice for anyone who likes juicing and enjoys the convenience of a juicer.

The Hurom juicer is also designed to juice frozen fruits. You will need to thaw the frozen fruit first to insert it. When you are juicing frozen fruit, you may need to add more liquid. Another great feature of the Hurom juicer is that it is a cold-press juicer. Cold-press juicers are more efficient at extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables because they use less pressure and heat. This means that the juice you get is of higher quality.

The Hurom H101 juicer has an auger that separates pulp from juice. The system has two stages that work in separating pulp from juice: the first stage cuts the ingredients into smaller pieces and chews out the juice, while the second stage pulverizes the pulp. This juicer is equipped with an integrated cooling system to prevent overheating. The auger is also made from an impact-resistant ABS plastic body. This juicer can handle most food types. It can create healthy cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and even nut milks.

The Hurom H100 juicer is the flagship model of the Hurom juicer line. It incorporates advanced technology and a sleek design. It has a low-speed masticating auger that rotates at a slow 43 rpm. The Hurom H101 is reasonably priced and comes with fine, coarse, and ice cream strainers. The H100 also includes a stainless steel juicing bowl.


The Hurom H101 is one of the more affordable juicers from Hurom. This juicer has minimal parts, so you won’t need to spend much time learning how to use it. It also doesn’t require any manual, making it very easy for anyone to use. It also tends to get better reviews than other juicers. This makes it a good choice for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend juicing.

This juicer is also easy to clean. Its new screen design has elongated grooves instead of tiny holes that are difficult to clean. It also has a tilted outlet so that every last drop of juice gets into your cup. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to spend time scrubbing screens, or those who want to be able to clean their juicers after every use.

One of the best things about this juicer is the price. Hurom has spent decades refining their juicers for the taste and health benefits they impart. You won’t find a cheaper juicer anywhere else. The Hurom H101 juicer is priced reasonably low and comes with the same accessories as the H-AA Juicer. You can buy the fine or coarse strainer for the H-AA Juicer.