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How you can be the best Instagram Baddie in simple steps?


Whether you are an amateur on Instagram, you still can know how to become an Instagram baddie in simple steps. You also have come across several confident and stylish women to become a baddie aesthetic. These baddies flaunt their makeup, outfits, hair, and makeup, to name a few.

What and how to become an Instagram baddie?

An Instagram baddie is a woman who looks faultless on this social media platform. She is wearing the latest outfits that are trending along with her makeup. These women are known for having perfect and accurate looks. These women also advertise stuff that includes

  • Makeup
  • Clothing
  • Shoes

How to become an Instagram baddie- Nail your outfit?

An outfit plays a vital role in getting a perfect baddie Instagram to look, including hair and makeup. When it is about Instagram, baddie outfits stay chic and effortless. Wear a crop top that fits the best in your wardrobe. You will get additional points if it matches the bottom and accessorizes it with jewelry, sunglasses & shoes.

Perfect Eyebrows

Though in the ’90s, light browns and thin eyebrows were in trend, now, for most Instagram baddies, it’s more about defined eyebrows. Moreover, you also need to understand that you should create sharp outlines. Even as per your look, you can also try out several sharp eyebrows to make you look fashionable.

how to become an instagram baddie

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Get bold eye colors

Another essential part of becoming an Instagram baddie has bold hair colors. No matter what, all eyes will be on you if you have eye-catching hair color. Never be afraid to opt for bold or unconventional hair colors so that you can become the best Instagram baddie like baby pink, purple, green, etc. Also, if you think that doing hair color can be an issue, opt for any modern app that you can use on your hair and look downright sassy. The best thing is you can change your hair color whenever you want.

Highlighted Lips

Signature lips can make you look entirely different from others. To make your baddie look completely appropriate, you can opt for lops shade colors like nude, maroon, plum, and mauve, to name a few. But make sure whichever color you choose, you must opt for a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone. You can also overline your lipstick so that your lips look fuller. Look for multiple options available in the market to get that fantastic baddie style look.

how to become an instagram baddie

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Instagram baddies also don’t leave their house without proper contour on their face because it gives them a defining feature sculpted perfectly. So, the best thing is to use the contour that fits your shade and blends well.

Upload your profile picture

Though this is not directly related to your outfits but deals with fashion. Your profile picture speaks a lot about your outfit and your style. It is advised to choose a picture that certainly deals with your personality, and you look fashionable in the same.

On-fleek nails

Another thing which you must keep in mind is about keeping your nails in shape and glowing. You can use either dark colors or nude ones, generally the favored ones for all.


Confidence is the request. No matter what you are wearing, Confidence is the key and truly makes you the most popular baddie. A baddie knows she is the one the entire public will look after, and she has to move forwards for a better future.

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