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How to Use Two Whatsapp in One Android Phone – The Amazing fact about it



How To Use Two Whatsapp In One Android Phone

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How To Use Two Whatsapp In One Android Phone – Whatsapp is presently the top most messaging app. People around the world use Whatsapp messenger to connect with their friends and family whether they be living at the next corner or across the continents. Sometimes, due to various reasons, people want to use both the Sims in their DUAL SIM handsets on WhatsApp. But unfortunately, WhatsApp allows a single profile on one handset. Hence, we got you covered by telling you how to use two Whatsapp in one android phone.

How to use two Whatsapp in one android phone using the system’s settings

How To Use Two Whatsapp In One Android Phone – Although Whatsapp does not allow to make two profiles on a single handset. But some android phone companies, considering the high demand, have launched a feature to duplicate apps including Whatsapp. To access this amazing feature, track the settings of your system according to the handset you own.

Android PhoneSettings
SamsungSettings>Advanced features>Dual messenger
XiaomiSettings>Dual Apps
VivoSettings>App Clone
HonorSettings>App Twin
HuaweiSettings>Twin Apps
AsusSettings>App Twin
OppoSettings>Clone Apps

This will lead you to the starting page of Whatsapp. You can easily create a new profile and start using it.

How to use two Whatsapp in one android phone if your phone system doesn’t allow app cloning

Although the above-mentioned method is super easy and convenient. But many Android phones do not allow app cloning. Hence, if you are facing this issue you can use other methods. Two other methods could be used to use two Whatsapp in one android phone even if you do not have an app cloning feature by default.


The first method is the more reliable of these two. Though you are going to use two Whatsapp profiles on one android phone, all your data will remain in the safe hands of Whatsapp. Also, there will be no fear of getting your profile banned.

You can use Whatsapp Business to make your second profile. Keep reading to get a little detail on the topic.

  1. Go to the Google play store and search Whatsapp Business.
  2. Once the official app appears, click install.
  3. After the completion of the installation process, launch the app to start the signing-in process.

The Whatsapp Business app not only provides a reliable source of having two profiles but also renders many additional features that are generally not available with the default version.


How To Use Two Whatsapp In One Android Phone – If you want another method other than making a business profile, you can use space cloning apps. These apps allow you to clone apps on your android phone. To use the app, follow the given instructions.

  1. Open Google play store and search for any of the available space cloning apps. You can find dozens of them. Click any of them that you find suitable.
  2. Click install to start the installation.
  3. After installing the app, open the app.
  4. You will find instructions to clone the desired apps. Select Whatsapp.
  5. The cloning process takes time. Once it’s done, open the cloned Whatsapp and complete the signing up process.

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How To Use Two Whatsapp in One Android Phone

Hopefully, the above article should have cleared the air regarding how to use two Whatsapp in one android phone. Still, there are some of the frequently asked questions if you need any more answers.

How can I use 2 WhatsApp on my Android phone?

There are three methods to use two WhatsApp on your android phone, such as, using app cloning settings, using WhatsApp business, and using space cloning apps.

Where is the dual app setting on my phone?

There might or might not be dual app settings on your phone. Search according to the instructions given above. If you still can’t find any, you can go to space cloning apps.

How do you set up dual apps on Samsung?

Open the settings of your Samsung handset. Select advanced features. There you will find an option for dual messenger.