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How to Use the Union Bank App


The Union Bank app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. First, download the app from your phone’s app store or the Union Bank website and log in to your online account. Then, from the app’s home page, select “Sign On” and enter your user ID and password. If you have multiple UnionBank accounts, select the personal account option. Once signed in, you can view your account information and transfer funds between them in real-time.

Log in to your Union Bank Online Banking account..

For a modern banking experience across devices, download the Union Bank app or sign in to your online account from the Union website. It lets you perform common banking tasks, such as checking account balances, making transfers, and viewing statements. You can even deposit checks using the app. First, download the app from Google Play or App Store. Then, sign in to your Union Bank account using your username and password.

You’ll be prompted to confirm your identity with Login Defense when logging in to your online account. This feature requires you to verify your identity by text or voice, so make sure you keep a mobile number on file. This step is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. Once you have a working email address, set up a password, and select a PIN, you’ll be on your way to your online banking account in no time.

The Union Bank app is a great way to access your account, especially if you want to manage your money from any location. You can access your account from any place and at any time, home or away. In addition, the Union Bank app allows you to access your account via your mobile phone. You can even use it to pay your bills online and manage your balances.

Transfer funds to other UnionBank account in real-time

The UnionBank app allows you to send money to non-UnionBank accounts. By scanning the QR code, you can send money to an email, mobile number, or e-wallet. You can also send money to an account that is not a UnionBank customer, such as a Personal account. The app is also free to use and lets you instantly send money to your friends and family.

Download the UnionBank app and sign in with your existing account. Then, sign in using your account number and OTP. Next, you can enroll in your account. After you’ve signed up, select a UnionBank account to link to. For example, enter the loan amount and OTP if you have a loan account, unit investment trust fund account, or credit card. When you’ve completed the application, you’ll be asked for additional information, including a one-time password.

When sending money to another UnionBank account, it’s important to ensure the account is open and that you don’t have too many funds. Transferring money between UnionBank accounts is free, and there are no fees. You’ll receive an SMS alert when the transaction is complete, and it will be deposited in the beneficiary’s UnionBank account in real-time.

To send money to another UnionBank account, scan the QR code on the UnionBank app. The app will generate a QR code for the recipient, which you can scan to send money to the account. You can also use this code to make payments. The UnionBank app is a great way to make payments and keep track of your expenses. While it’s not a bank, it can be a convenient way to keep track of your spending habits.

Another feature of the UnionBank app is InstaPay, which lets you send and receive money without a bank account number. This way, you can send and receive funds to anyone with a valid email address. All you need is the other person’s UnionBank account number and a valid email address. With the UnionBank app, you can send money to anyone you want.

In addition to transferring funds from one UnionBank account to another, you can use the app to deposit checks and manage your credit cards. You can also manage your payments by setting a limit on your UnionBank credit card and tracking your monthly spending. The UnionBank app also offers bill payments and loads from leading network providers. The app also includes a One-Time Password and biometric login.

Pay bills without enrolling a biller

You can easily pay your bills with UnionBank’s mobile app. It’s easy to pay bills anywhere without worrying about mailing a check or relying on the mailman to deliver your payment. You can also send money to another UnionBank account by scanning the QR code of the recipient. In addition, you can easily review the transaction details or generate a new QR code.

You can use the UnionBank app to pay your bills without enrolling a biller. The app also enables you to deposit your checks. First, the UnionBank app guides you on how to take a picture of your check. After that, you must input the amount and account number to deposit the check. Once you’re done, the app will pay your bills and send you an email.

To pay your bills, you can visit your Union Bank app:

  1. Select the Pay Bills tab on the home screen.
  2. Click the Make a Payment button to pay a bill.
  3. Select the biller and enter the amount of the payment. If you need to search for a biller, you can browse through the list of billers and select them by category.
  4. You can enter your payment details.

You can also use the UnionBank app to enroll in the bank’s Online Banking. You don’t have to pay an initial deposit to open an account with the UnionBank app. After enrolling, you can make transfers to your UnionBank account. In addition, it’s easy to manage your financial accounts from your mobile phone. You can also use the UnionBank app to pay bills without enrolling a biller.

Once you have a UnionBank account, you can sign up for Real-Time Internet Banking. With this service, you can access your accounts around the clock, eliminating the need to write and mail checks. Using UnionBank’s Mobile Banking App on your iPhone or Android device, you can view your account balance, pay bills, and transfer funds between your accounts. You can also sign up for email statements from leading network providers.