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How to Use Phone Clone to Transfer Data Between Huawei Handsets


Using Phone Clone, you can transfer content from your old Android device to your new Huawei phone. Download it from the Google Play store. Once it is installed on both devices, tap the new phone button on the app. The old device then scans a QR code to connect to the new one. After transferring the data, you can use the new device as your primary mobile phone. The process is simple and fast and will save you time and money!

iMyFone’s iTransor Pro

If you’re interested in cloning your phone, you should first learn what type of phone it is. Phone cloning software mainly uses a computer that can emulate another model. Huawei phone cloning software, for example, can replicate a Huawei phone’s hardware and software. This way, you can move your contacts, messages, and other data from a Huawei to an iPhone.

iMyFone’s iTransfer Pro is a third-party program for transferring data. This app can clone Huawei phones from Android to iOS and vice versa, supporting over 6000 devices. It also supports WhatsApp data backup, restore, export, and transfer. All you need is a computer and a USB cable.

Another useful feature is the option to import contacts and other data to your new phone. You can also sync your contacts and photos. This way, you can access them at any time. Besides, you can import your photos to the MicroSD card. This way, you can keep your phone’s location with your new phone. And if you need to transfer large amounts of data to your new device, you can do it using iMyFone’s iTransor Pro.

If you’re looking for a Huawei cloning program, you should consider iMyFone’s iTransor Pro. This PC tool will selectively transfer Huawei data to your iPhone. With the help of iTransor Pro, you can even transfer your contacts from Huawei to your iPhone. It’s a great way to restore lost data from any smartphone!

If you’re planning to switch to a new device but don’t want to lose the data on your old one, you can copy everything with Phone Clone. The software works to copy contacts, media, and SMS from your old phone to the new one. It’s also compatible with the latest operating system and can easily transfer to your new phone. And it’s incredibly easy to use, and the process only takes a few minutes.

The iMyFone iTransor Pro can clone any Android, Samsung, or Huawei smartphone. It also has advanced security features that help keep your information secure. In addition, Huawei phone cloning software offers high-speed transfers and complete encryption. Just connect your Huawei phone to your PC via a USB cable, which will transfer all your data to a new device.

Samsung Data Transfer

The first step in using the Samsung Data Transfer for Huawei phone cloning tool is to open the application. The program will detect both your Huawei and Samsung devices. Next, navigate to your Samsung and Huawei phones’ respective folders and select the files you wish to transfer. Next, click “Start Copy” to begin the transfer process. To ensure that you’re not transferring personal data, it’s best to wipe the source phone’s memory before proceeding.

Next, download the latest version of Phone Transfer. This program works on almost every iOS and Android device, including Huawei phones. This program is easy to use and supports cloning your Huawei phone and backing up important files. Once installed, select the “Phone to Phone” mode in the Samsung Data Transfer for Huawei phone clone tool and connect your two devices. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have a copy of all your important files on your Samsung device and your Huawei one.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can use it to send your data to your new device. The Samsung Data Transfer for Huawei phone clone is an excellent option for many users, but if you’re unsure how to use it, read on to learn how to use it. Just keep in mind that there are some steps that you must follow to make the process smooth and easy. One of the most important steps is to choose a wireless connection.

To start the Samsung Data Transfer for Huawei phone cloning, you should first unlock your Huawei phone. Once the phone has been unlocked, enable the backup option, and sign into your Google account. Toggle contacts, calendar, app data, and other data types. Next, hit the “Sync Now” button to start the transfer process. Sometimes, the data transfer may fail, so check again before starting the process.

Next, the Huawei phone clone needs to be Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. To connect both phones, you must make sure they’re nearby. Make sure you’re using Android OS and they’re near one another to ensure the connection is strong. You can also pair your phones using Wi-Fi directly to transfer data between them. Lastly, check both devices’ Bluetooth and Direct Wi-Fi capabilities and follow the on-screen instructions.

Huawei Phone Clone

You will need to download the Huawei Phone Clone application to transfer data from one Huawei handset to another. To do this, visit the Huawei website and download the appropriate version for your device. Once installed, you should connect the two Huawei phones to your computer via USB. This app will display two connected phones: the source device and the new handset. You will then need to scan the QR code on the new handset. Once the process has finished, you can easily transfer data from Huawei handsets to another Android or iOS device.

Huawei Phone Clone is free and works with all Android phones. It is a great way to copy WhatsApp messages, contacts, and photos from an old phone to a new device. You can also transfer contacts, emails, SMS, and more from an old phone to a new one. Huawei Phone Clone is easy to use and does not require root access to install. In addition, the app has a clean interface that makes it easy to navigate.

The Huawei Phone Clone app is available for download from the App Gallery. All users should install the app on their new phones. To do this, the phones should be charged to 80% and placed flat. To use this app on an iPhone, you can follow a guide by Reddit user RichBug7. First, you must connect the new phone to a local hotspot to copy Huawei data. Afterward, you will be prompted to select the data to transfer.

Once you’ve chosen the new phone and installed the application, you’re ready to start the data transfer process. Huawei Phone Clone is compatible with all Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones and supports cross-platform data transfer. You can even choose to transfer files and data between the new Huawei phone and an old Android device. It can transfer data at a fast speed. The data transfer process is simple and easy. It can also transfer data from Android to Huawei and vice versa.

If you have problems transferring data between the two devices, Huawei Phone Clone will help you resolve this issue. This is especially relevant for users of different operating systems. As long as the Huawei Phone Clone app supports Android and iOS, it can transfer data without any problems. But it’s important to note that the Huawei Phone Clone app has flaws. So if you’re interested in using the feature, check out the following alternative.


If you want to transfer data between Huawei mobile phones and other devices, you can use ChatMover Phone Clone to accomplish this. Using this application, you can transfer data from Android or iOS devices to Huawei mobile phones. The app allows you to transfer media files and data from one phone to another. You can use the program to copy WhatsApp messages and chats and install apps. The app also allows you to install and update apps not available in the Huawei App Gallery. And because this is a phone cloning tool, you can download important security updates to your Huawei handset.

To use Phone Clone, first, download it from the official website. Next, open the app and scan the QR code of the old device. Then, open the app on the new device and click “Set up.” Once you have done so, select the old and new devices. After the installation is complete, you can transfer the files between Huawei and Android or iOS devices. The process is similar to that of transferring data from Android to iOS.

For transferring WhatsApp messages, it is a good idea to use a third-party tool such as ChatMover. This program allows you to transfer all the data from your old phone to the new one. This tool has several advantages, including transferring WhatsApp chat history and attachments to the new phone. As long as the data transfer is done without any difficulties, you should be able to transfer the content to the new phone.

As we have said, this tool allows you to easily transfer data from an Android device to a Huawei device. Moreover, it can transfer data at a rate of 10MB/s, which makes it an excellent choice for switching from an Android phone to a Huawei device. The software can even transfer WhatsApp chats between two different platforms, which means you can keep WhatsApp on one device and transfer it to another. The best part is that the application allows you to keep your data and transfer it to another Huawei phone without any problems.