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How to Use Bohemian Decor in Your Home


Bohemian decor is very eclectic and can be used in various ways. It is usually made up of different pieces of art, rugs, tapestries, and a sense of collection. The bohemians were exposed to different themes, cultures, and decor styles.

Natural design elements

Natural design elements are a big part of the bohemian decor. The colors in this style are warm, earthy tones that can be used on walls and furniture. Metallics are also popular in this style because they add sophistication and a modern feel to a room. They can be used on framed mirrors or kitchen sinks to bring a touch of glamor to a space. Silver is a traditional choice for metallics, but some prefer a warmer tone like gold.

Combining modern and antique pieces is an excellent way to achieve a bohemian look in your home. You can mix and match vintage and modern pieces, and a clean-lined chair can be paired with a fringed throw. You can also use kitsch to add a fun, whimsical touch to the design.

Another way to introduce bohemian style into your home is by mixing patterns. The exercise of mixing patterns hits the mark beautifully, and you can mix and match textiles with different patterns and scales. The same goes for paintings and prints. You can never have too many paintings or prints, so a healthy wall gallery can be a great way to fit in your bohemian style.

Pops of color

The pops of color in bohemian decor are a great way to make the room appear more lively. However, to make these vibrant pieces stand out, you need a neutral background. You can layer the colors around a central rug or use more subtle color combinations.

To achieve a bohemian look, mix modern and vintage decor. Thrift stores and estate sales are great places to find vintage pieces, and you can also shop online. In addition to the colorful items, one of the best ways to add bohemian style to your space is with textiles and artwork. A hanging art gallery will add a splash of color to your walls.

In addition to colorful pillows and blankets, you can also use bright wallpaper on accent walls. This will help create a cozy atmosphere and pair well with neutral colors. The walls can be painted white for a softer look, but a bold splash of green will make a room feel more lively. A colorful bedspread with a green plant-covered headboard will add a touch of bohemian flair to a room.


Using patterns in bohemian decor is a great way to give your home a fun, eclectic feel. While bohemian decor often centers on monochromatic color schemes and minimal decoration, global patterns also make their way into the style. Mixing patterns in your home creates a chic, effortless look, making your space appear more professionally decorated. Be sure to choose patterns that are complementary to each other.

Patterns in bohemian decor are also a great way to bring a bit of nature into your room. Succulents, for example, are low-maintenance plants that help purify the air. You can place them in patterned ceramic, terra-cotta, or woven planters. You can also buy plant stands to display your plants and add visual interest. You can also hang plants on wall shelves or cabinets like spider plants or devil’s ivy.

Patterns in bohemian decor should be bold and colorful. The boho style embraces bold patterns and jewel tones. In addition, it embraces the use of multiple textures and color palettes to create a truly eclectic and unique look.


To create a free-spirited space, consider combining various textures and patterns. Use rich earthy colors and metals to set the tone. Bohemian decor is all about layers; the perfect combination of these elements can add style and character. For example, you can combine patterned carpets with natural textiles and jute area rugs.

If you have a room with neutral walls, you may want to soften them with a pattern-covered accent wall. In this case, you can choose a floral or botanical print. Combine this with mellow round shapes to balance the pattern. Warm wood color will also unify the look. A playful garland on a table can be a great way to add bohemian style to a room.

Use textured fabrics and pillows to make a room look even more beautiful. You can also use woven accents to soften the look of a room. Also, use a variety of plants to create a bohemian look.

Beaded curtains

Using a fishing line or monofilament line, you can hang beaded curtains for bohemian decor. You’ll need to use a strong knot about three inches from one end of the line. Then, string the beads onto the line according to your design. Beads can be made from plastic, glass, clay, or metal. You can find bulk bead suppliers online that will offer volume discounts. You can also find free patterns online for creating your own beaded curtain designs.

The beads used to make these curtains come in various colors, shapes, and motifs. The beads used to make the curtains are usually four to ten millimeters in size. Once hung, the beads will form a complete image. You can also use essential oils to prevent flies from settling in your curtains.

You can also use beaded curtains to add color to the dining area. These drapes can also be reused as window treatments. You can also use cheap sheets and tablecloths to create window treatments. You can also use inexpensive bamboo roll-up shades to add color and pattern.

Patterned rugs

Patterned rugs in bohemian decor can be found in a variety of materials. A jute rug, for example, is a thick and durable rug that will add a touch of bohemian style to your home. It is also environmentally friendly and feels luxurious underfoot. This type of rug is versatile and can be placed beneath your bed or as a floor covering a chair or sofa. It is an excellent choice for bohemian decor because it will complement any color scheme.

Patterned rugs in bohemian decor are an excellent way to add color and texture to your home. The colors of the rugs are often vibrant and vivid. You can also use similar textures to complement each other. For example, a fuzzy rug in pink/purple will look great next to a kilim pillow in the same color. A ticking stripe throw, on the other hand, will help break up the bold pattern and add a neutral element to the room.

If you are decorating a child’s room, a Boho rug with bright colors is a great way to add color and character to the space. Boho area rugs like the Heliodoro Southwestern Ivory/Red Area Rug are great options for a bedroom or playroom.

Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a unique way to add a bohemian feel to your home. These fabrics add texture to your space and will make your home feel warm and inviting. You can also choose greenery and plants to bring some nature into your space.

Incorporating greenery is another great way to add a touch of boho decor to your home. Indoor plants look beautiful and help purify the air and bring life to any space. Bohemian home decor also uses wood furnishings and wind chimes, a beautiful way to bring the wind’s energy into the room.

Bohemian design is often associated with warm earthy colors. These colors are usually used against a neutral backdrop, such as white or blush, and are enhanced by green plants. White on white rooms are also popular, and adding natural fabrics will add interest to the space.


When decorating with bohemian decor, keep the colors light and airy. Try white, tans, oranges, and faded yellows as base colors. When choosing your color scheme, remember that the 60-30-10 color rule is a good rule of thumb. Keep your color scheme light and airy and try to avoid too many dark colors.

Bohemian decor is often characterized by using unfinished woods and colorful, unique objects at flea markets. Its laid-back vibe is designed to create a relaxing environment full of personality. In addition, boho decor is usually very low-key and inexpensive.

The beauty of bohemian decor is its ability to add texture and layering. Bohemians often use eclectic textiles, such as ikat from Cambodia or suzani from central Asia. These fabrics are often used to accent furniture and to accentuate walls. You can also layer your pieces with area rugs and tapestries.