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How to Use Android Auto – The Best Guide



How To Use Android Auto

How To Use Android Auto – Android Auto app is a revolutionary app for people who drive daily. It has a quite good deal of amazing features to support your day-to-day driving experience. From playing music to managing your tasks and most importantly for a better navigation experience, Android Auto is the best app available for android users. But it can be a little difficult to understand for a newbie. Hence here is an A-Z guide for you to understand How to use Android Auto.

Checking the compatibility

Before using the Android Auto app, check the following compatibility features.

  1. Your android device should be anything above Android 5. But at least Android 6 is advised.
  2. You will need a strong internet connection either via Wi-Fi or via mobile data.
  3. Both your vehicle and your mobile phone should be powered on.
  4. Your car should be parked.

Follow the given steps only after checking the above points.

How to set up the Android Auto app with your vehicle?

How To Use Android Auto – Before jumping into the how-to-use Android Auto app, you must know the first step. The first step is to set up the android auto app with your vehicle.

  • Connect your android device with your vehicle via a USB cable. You can also go for a Bluetooth connection.
  • As soon as you unlock your device after connecting it, a security prompt message will appear on the screen. Accept the message and then the terms and conditions for using the app.
  • Next, if you do not have the Android Auto app pre-installed on your device then you will receive a prompt message for the installation. Accept the message. (If you have pre-installed the Android Auto app on your device, skip the step.)
  • Once, the app is installed, follow the prompt messages and permit the app to use various features of your device.

And here you are done with the setting up process. You only need to follow these steps when you are using the app for the first time. The next time, all you need to do is to plug in your device or connect it via Bluetooth to enjoy the wonderful experience.

How To Use Android Auto app?

Android Auto app brings a number of great features. All these features can be enabled on your vehicle’s infotainment screen. Some of its amazing features include:

  • Google assistant
  • Replying to your messages and calls
  • Turning on the music with little effort
  • Managing your day to day tasks
  • Having a better navigation system

How To Use Android AutoTo use the above apps, here is a brief instructional set on how to use android auto. Once you have set up the Android Auto app, the app will appear on your infotainment home screen. Select the app to launch it. A screen appears with a list of notifications which includes everything from today’s weather to your set tasks.

You will have a launch bar at the bottom of the screen with five different options, i.e. directions, calls, and messages, return to notification screen, music and return to the home screen. The best part is that you can manage all of these features by verbal instructions through Google assistant.

How to Exit Android Auto app?

To exit the android auto app, simply plug out your android device or exit the android auto app and open any other app on your android phone.

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How to use Android Auto

After reading the above guide, you will have most of your questions well answered. But in case you still have some ambiguities, go through the following FAQ section.

How to use Android Auto without data?

No, you cannot use the Android Auto app without data. In fact, you need a strong internet connection to access the Android Auto app.

Does Android Auto only work with USB?

No, you can also connect your device via Bluetooth to use the Android Auto app.

Why is Android Auto not connecting to my car?

There could be many reasons for that. Check your Android compatibility for the Android Auto app. Check if your car is powered on. If none of these work, your car might not have the Android Auto function.