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How to Ship Car From State to State


As you relocate for work or vacation or relocate with children to college with their cars, auto transport companies provide invaluable service, saving time, money, and stress in the process. A trusted auto transporter handles the logistics for you! Find the Open Auto Transport.

The cost of cross-country auto transport depends on several variables, including route, road conditions, weather, and the specific method chosen for shipment.

Get a Quote

Before hiring a car shipping company to transport your vehicle across state lines, it is wise to get either an instant quote or at least an idea of its cost. This will enable you to compare options and find the best possible deal. Many companies provide discounts for military members and students, paying in cash and shipping multiple vehicles; also, be sure to read customer reviews online for each company before selecting them as potential options.

When requesting an instant quote, you’ll be asked for some basic details about your vehicle, such as size, model, and year. These factors will all affect price, pickup/delivery dates, and whether an open or enclosed carrier would best meet your shipping needs – enclosed carriers tend to be more costly but are safest when transporting long distances.

Apart from comparing quotes, it’s also essential to request a comprehensive breakdown of all fees from auto transportation services. Some providers may tack on additional costs like fuel surcharges or mileage fees that might not appear immediately apparent. Furthermore, seasonal variations in auto transportation rates should be taken into consideration; for example, if moving during winter, expect higher rates than during summer.

Dedicated state-to-state auto transport services may provide the ideal stress-free and budget-conscious way of shipping your vehicle across state lines. With access to tools, equipment, and experience explicitly tailored towards handling such tasks quickly and efficiently – saving wear and tear on both parties involved while also being better than hiring drivers as this option can often prove more costly and accommodating schedule needs more efficiently than their options alone.

Prepare Your Car

No matter, if you’re shipping across the country or just down the block, preparing your vehicle for transport, is crucial to ensure a successful and smooth transport experience, protecting against damage to both yourself and the car, as well as increasing its odds of arriving in perfect condition.

The number one priority in maintaining your car should be keeping it clean. Not only can this help prevent scratches from rubbing against dirt, but it will also make it easier for both yourself and the driver to spot any existing damages more quickly.

Before shipping your car, it is advisable to remove any personal effects and take photographs of it – this may seem cumbersome at first, but it will help protect against unnecessary damage during shipment and serve as an opportunity for you to document any preexisting damage claims after arrival at its new home.

Your car should also be prepared with adequate fluid levels and tire pressure before traveling; this will keep its engine operating optimally during transit while making it easier for its driver. Furthermore, check and secure any loose parts such as antennas, spoilers, custom mirrors, or antennas. In addition, deactivate or remove toll tags/passes so as not to incur unexpected charges during transport. Finally, leave both sets of keys with the driver – one complete set for them as well as one spare, just in case anything goes amiss during transit.

Make sure your vehicle is in working condition and all mechanical issues have been resolved, especially if using an open carrier, as leaks could damage other cars being transported at the same time. Also, note any special instructions or handling requirements you have for the driver and make note of them for future reference. Remember to lock your car! Although less essential when transporting on enclosed carriers, locking can still help safeguard against theft.

Choose a Reliable Company

You want to ensure you choose a trustworthy car shipping company when transporting it across state lines. There are various factors you should keep an eye out for to select an appropriate one:

Call the company and request to speak with a representative; this can help answer any of your queries while you learn more about their offerings and business model. Furthermore, be sure to verify whether or not the firm is licensed and insured online using an MC or US-DOT number search.

Once you’ve conducted sufficient research, narrow your choices by comparing costs and services. Compare shipping fees and delivery times; decide between terminal-to-terminal service or door-to-door shipping; if expedited delivery is needed quickly, select that option instead.

Review reviews and ratings for each company before selecting one to ship your car with. Do they have an excellent track record in car shipping and knowledgeable customer service representatives who offer friendly assistance?

Try to work with a company with offices near your area if possible; this will make them more easily reachable and ensure they can answer any of your queries quickly. Choosing local should also get you more competitive rates than working with distant companies.

Another essential consideration when transporting your car is driver quality. Be sure that whoever transports your vehicle has an impeccable driving history and can be counted upon to deliver on time.

Keep in mind that car shipping companies can only ensure the safety of your vehicle to the extent of their insurance coverage, which is why it’s advisable to contact your auto insurer and inquire whether there are any additional policies you could add to your policy – they might offer extra coverage that’s just right.

Make sure that when collecting your vehicle, if there are any new dents or scratches, take photos and write them down on the bill of lading – this can assist with filing claims with carriers should any arise.

Inspect Your Car

Before shipping your car across state lines, a thorough inspection must be performed. A proper evaluation can help secure you the best price on transport while protecting it from potential damages during transport.

Before and after the inspection of your car, take good-quality photographs for use if there is any dispute in the shipping process. Be sure to document any preexisting damages so they may be reimbursed if damage occurs during transit.

Your fluid levels, such as oil, power steering fluid, and water, should also be checked to ensure optimal conditions for transport. A good practice would be reducing your fuel tank to approximately 1/4 full before inspection in order to save money during transport. In addition, any personal items, including spare keys and standalone GPS devices, should be removed from the vehicle, as well as disabling alarm systems so as not to activate them during transport accidentally.

Before transporting your vehicle, a professional auto transport company will inspect for any preexisting damage in order to safeguard both client and carrier against false damage claims. A visual inspection typically occurs before loading it onto the truck.

After an inspection is conducted, both the client and driver must sign a bill of lading document that details all preexisting damages as well as details related to the vehicle’s condition. Clients need to read over this document thoroughly prior to signing it.

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