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How to Create a Bohemian Style Living Room


If you want to make your living room look more eclectic, try mixing and matching patterns and colors. If you want a more natural look, consider using a natural color palette, Macrame furniture, and natural stone tables and vases. These will make your room look more spacious. Also, you can try creating a gallery wall with different-sized frames. A gallery wall can include large works of art and small prints.

Mix-and-match style

If you’re looking for a unique style to decorate your living room, you may want to try mixing vintage and modern pieces. This style is ideal if you want to add character to a room, and you can also use it to compliment your existing vintage furniture.

Natural color palette

To create a boho style living room, opt for a natural color palette. This style is distinguished by light wood furniture, white walls and neutral colored accessories. This type of interior design is also characterized by natural light, which adds a warm glow to the room. Plants also provide a splash of green color.

Macrame furniture

Macrame furniture is a classic and practical addition to a boho style living room. This material gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s and today, it is used to create wall hangings, curtains and light shades. A macrame living room is often complemented with wood furniture. Wood is an extremely practical material, and can be bleached to look lighter.

Natural stone tables and vases

A boho style living room should have lots of natural elements. Add a bouquet or plant to the space to bring it to life. You can also add dried decor, which is very popular in bohemian interiors. You can use this in the form of vases or tables.


The boho style is all about celebrating nature and embracing all things natural. This decor focuses on plants in the home, especially indoor plants. They are an ideal addition to a boho style living room, especially macrame hanging plants. Besides adding visual interest, greenery improves mood and air quality. Succulents and snake plants are both easy to care for and can be incorporated into your living room decor. You can also choose artificial plants to create the same lush look without the hassle.

White walls

A white wall in a boho style living room is a perfect base for decorating. You can use plates, flat baskets, and framed pieces as wall decor. You can also use special pieces from abroad to make a feature wall. A colorful area rug is also a great choice.

Natural textiles

One of the best ways to create a boho style living room is to use natural textiles. This style is known for its mismatched textures, bright colors, and worldly touches. It is also known for its eclectic accents and use of personal items. Many boho rooms use natural fibers to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Statement rug

Adding a bold statement rug will add a tropic feel to a living room. A large rug with vibrant colors and a striking pattern, such as the CompanyC Captiva Rug, will bring a tropical vibe to any living room. However, it is important to note that this type of rug may not go well with your furniture and artwork, so you should pick an accent piece to balance it out. A rug with metallic tones, such as the West Elm Mineral Rug in Copper, is also a great choice as an accent piece.