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How to Choose a Horse Trailer Camera


Owning the appropriate horse trailer camera can help keep an eye on your horses during transit or while parking at shows or fields. Sort out the hunting camera.

Installation of a trailer camera should be pretty simple if you opt for wireless options, while wired systems require professional installation and can be more costly if they malfunction.


Many factors can play a part in choosing a horse trailer camera, including resolution, number of cameras and channels, monitor size, and mounting options. Other important features to watch for include viewing angle, lights, waterproof rating, and whether or not recording functions exist. Some of the top horse trailer camera systems come with app integration that allows remote control via mobile phone, high-quality displays, easy installation processes, and outstanding customer reviews to back them up.

If you’re uncertain which camera to buy, one that has a wide-angle lens so you can view all around your vehicle will help identify blind spots and help avoid collisions while driving. Night vision lets you see horses when transporting them in low-light situations – this feature is convenient if driving at night!

Consider also purchasing a camera equipped with a recorder that can allow you to review footage of any incidents or accidents while driving, giving you a deeper understanding of what occurred and helping prevent future problems. When selecting, choose a model with shock-resistant waterproof ratings, solid warranties, and tech support – these may provide the most tremendous peace of mind.

Wireless-mounted horse trailer cameras offer an easy and cost-effective solution to monitor horse trailers while traveling long distances. These models feature transparent displays that connect easily with smartphones via Wi-Fi, with wide-angle lenses capable of capturing images at Full HD quality and water resistance for highway speed performance. It is ideal for keeping an eye on their horse during long drives. A video monitor makes long journeys much more comfortable!


The resolution of a horse trailer camera is vital as it determines how clear the image will be. Make sure it has high resolution to see what is happening behind your trailer. Furthermore, consider both resolution and camera viewing angle as wide-angle shots will give more of an overview of what may be occurring behind it if there are any issues relating to horses in your trailer.

An important feature to look for in a horse trailer camera is the ability to hear what is going on inside its interior. This feature can be significant if you have young children or animals traveling in your trailer; hearing will let you know if their needs require extra care or attention. The hearing will also enable you to deal with any potential issues as they arise while traveling down the road, such as horses becoming unruly or fighting among themselves – hearing will allow you to identify these incidents instantly, ending them before they escalate further!

Selecting the appropriate camera for your horse trailer depends on your needs and budget. There are various models, from inexpensive ones with limited features to higher-end ones offering advanced capabilities; all are meant to give drivers peace of mind on the road. The key is finding one that meets these specifications to provide drivers comfort during travels.

The eRapta Backup Camera ER0202 is an excellent option for those who require enhanced vision on their horse trailer. This model will meet all your visibility needs, equipped with four cameras and channels to provide you with more perspective of your trailer’s surroundings and featuring a 7-inch LCD screen to see multiple channels simultaneously.

The AMTIFO A7 is another great option for horse trailer owners searching for a backup camera. Featuring a large LCD and night vision mode for easy viewing even in dim lighting conditions, its waterproof construction provides strong signal reception. At the same time, dual antennas ensure muscular signal strength – this camera makes an excellent addition in all weather conditions!

Battery life

Keeping an eye on your horse trailer while driving is crucial, and installing a camera in it can help ensure its cargo stays safe on the road and out of blind spots. Plus, having this monitoring solution in your trailer provides another great way of monitoring them when they’re away from you!

There are various horse trailer camera brands on the market, each offering unique features and specifications. Some cameras can connect wirelessly with mobile devices for live monitoring, while others connect directly with trailer wiring cables. When selecting your camera, it must meet both your requirements and that of both vehicle and trailer.

Equi-Vue2 camera systems are one of the more popular choices available, as they use Wi-Fi technology to transmit images directly to a SMART phone or tablet for easy installation and use. Ideal for those wanting a straightforward and user-friendly system, this simple camera solution also works as a hitching camera to help align trailer balls to couplers more accurately.

Rohent’s HD 960P digital wireless backup camera is highly regarded by customers, offering great value for the money. Boasting HD imagery that connects directly to monitors in cabs, this water-resistant camera gives clear views of areas behind your trailer while providing clear views when hitching up trailers – plus, it comes equipped with a front camera that makes hitching simpler!

For those on a tight budget who only require monitoring of one trailer, the TadiBrother camera system offers an ideal solution. Wireless and with an excellent warranty, this camera provides recording functions to save rides onto an SD card and easy mounting with its 7-inch display screen and quick-mount system.

Equine Eye offers wide viewing angle and night vision capabilities, waterproof construction, and a dual antenna design for increased signal strength. It is easy to mount onto most trailers and features a display for monitoring horses during the day. It provides another solution for monitoring horses at home.


Trailer cameras are an invaluable way to monitor your horses while on the road and stay aware of their location – helping you easily park them at shows or in your driveway. It is an investment worth making for anyone traveling frequently with their horses.

This trailer camera was created explicitly for horse trailers, featuring wireless connectivity and night vision capabilities. With two cameras allowing monitoring from inside or outside the trailer, this product provides clear views of your horses.

Its 7-inch LCD also offers clear views

Installation is quick and straightforward, with all necessary items included to set it up quickly. It features an easy plug-and-play system to make installation quicker and connection easier with vehicles; plus, it is waterproof, allowing mounting anywhere inside or outside a trailer.

This camera boasts the unique capability of supporting up to four cameras. With its sleek design and versatility, this is an excellent way for horse owners who travel frequently with their rig to keep an eye on them constantly.

Mounting this camera onto the exterior of your trailer is simple; all that is necessary to secure it properly is drilling pilot holes for its screws. Care should be taken not to penetrate too deeply, as that could compromise your wiring system and connectivity issues. Once prepared, thread its power wire through and secure it into place using screws; then, use a voltmeter to confirm everything has connected correctly.

Installation for this camera is pretty straightforward and should take only a few hours, with its wireless design making setup easy. The structure should go quickly because it requires a few wires for installation. Unfortunately, sometimes its signal may drop; this is a common problem among trailer camera systems, but using a voltmeter to check wiring can solve it quickly.

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