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How to Change a Washer on a Mixer Tap


When changing the washer on a mixer tap in your bathroom, there are a few important steps you need to follow. Firstly, you must turn off the water supply. Depending on your installation, you can do this at the boiler or the tap. This is necessary to prevent flooding. Next, you must cover the drain with a drain cover or kitchen towel. These things prevent small pieces from falling down the drain and causing damage.

Replace a worn or burred tap washer

If you have a broken or worn washer, you will need to replace it. You can change it by following a few simple steps. First, turn off the water supply to your tap. Also, drain any water lines. Then, remove the cap from your tap. Now, you can unscrew the tap nut and pull out the handle. Once you have released the cap, you can remove the rubber washer.

To replace the tap washer, you will need a flat-headed screwdriver, a spanner, and an old cloth or towel. You will also need to switch off the water at the main stopcock underneath the tap. Unless you replace the whole tap, make sure to turn off the hot and cold water taps.

Buy a new ceramic disc tap washer.

When a ceramic disc tap washer becomes worn, you may need to buy a new one. Thankfully, this part of your mixer tap is inexpensive and can be replaced at home. You can even disassemble it to replace the cartridge. You can also get a new ceramic disc cartridge from the manufacturer if you need to.

A leaking tap can be a frustrating experience, causing a significant water bill and possibly further damage. These taps are made up of two ceramic discs, one of which rotates to open the spout. Over time, the seal between the two faces of the ceramic disc can deteriorate, and foreign objects in the water can scratch it. In some cases, the spindle will need to be replaced as well. In this case, you may be able to use a generic brand spindle.

Remove the grub screw.

The first step in changing the washer on a mixer tap is to remove the grub screw, which fixes the handle to the tap’s cartridge spindle. The screw can often be hard to spot, so you may need a small Allen key to loosen it. Once you have removed the grub screw, pull the handle off the tap. For some mixer taps, you’ll need to unscrew parts of the handle, such as the lever.

A grub screw is a screw with a grub tip (a cylindrical head). This screw is a pivot shaft, allowing plastic or metal parts to rotate around it. It is usually hidden beneath the hot and cold indicator buttons.

Replace the washer

Depending on the type of tap, you can either replace the washer yourself or call a plumber. Replacing the washer yourself should cost no more than a few dollars. Replacing it will prevent the tap from twisting and bending pipes. If you decide to replace the washer, follow these instructions carefully.

First, turn off the water supply. This may be done by using a switch at the boiler or a turn-off valve on the mixer tap. This will prevent the water from flooding the bathroom while replacing the washer. Next, place a kitchen towel or drain cover on the drain. This will prevent any small parts from falling into the drain.

Replace the grub screw

The grub screw is the screw that holds the mixer handle to the base of the tap. To remove it, you need an Allen key. Once you have it undone, you should be able to lift the handle off of the cartridge spindle. The grub screw size varies from one tap to another, but a 2mm or 2.5mm Allen key should fit most models.

A 6mm spanner is a good size to use. Usually, taps will have a brass grub screw. However, some cheap models will have a steel grub screw. If this is the case, you can simply use a small hexagon bit from your set.

Install the new ceramic disc tap washer

The first step in installing the new ceramic disc tap washer is to remove the old one. First, remove the handle of the tap. Next, remove the Allen Screw. This screw holds the tap handle in place. Turn the screw anti-clockwise to loosen it, then pull it away from the tap. Now you can easily access the Ceramic Disc valve. Remove it with the help of a socket and spanner. If it does not come out easily, you can use WD-40 or a socket to loosen it.

If the ceramic disc is damaged, you can clean it using a descaler. You can also clean the retaining washer and O rings using warm soapy water. Once these components are clean, you can replace the ceramic disc.