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How to Book Air India Evacuation Flights


Are you looking for Air India evacuation flights? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Read this article to know the cancellation policy and requirements for booking an evacuation flight. Air India will begin its evacuation operation in phases, so you can be sure you won’t be stuck without a place to stay. You can also learn how to reschedule your flight. The flight will leave from the nearest airport to the one where you were evacuated, so make sure to book well in advance.

Air India Evacuation Flight cancellation policy

The Government of India has issued an evacuation flight cancellation policy. According to the policy, if the flight is canceled, the passengers need not contact Air India and report at the airport to reschedule their flight. If the flight is postponed, the tickets are protected for their unutilized value, and the passenger can reschedule it within 48 hours. The Air India evacuation flight cancellation policy was announced by the Indian Mission in the country of origin and is based on the condition where the passengers are trapped.

The Indian Government has confirmed a massive evacuation drive to Ukraine to protect its citizens. Air India has been enlisted to send four flights to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv to evacuate Indian citizens. Earlier, Ukraine closed its airspace. The flight that took off from Kyiv landed in Delhi and will leave later today. The Government of India has prioritized evacuating Indian citizens from the crisis-hit Ukraine.

As a result, Ukrainian authorities have issued a NOTAM and have allowed non-essential foreigners to leave the country. Air India is the only carrier in India operating evacuation flights to Kyiv, and the airline is helping Indians evacuate from the region. The Ukrainian Government has issued a NOTAM, citing possible threats. Earlier, Ukraine International Airlines shifted flights to another airport in Moldova. After the flight landed in New Delhi, the Indian citizens on board could finally get home.

Cost of Air India Evacuation Flight

The cost of an evacuation flight for two people from Ukraine to India will be approximately Rs 1.10 crore. The flight will cost more as the duration increases. The Government does not charge for evacuation flights, but some state governments are paying the costs. Air India’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft will cost about Rs 7 lakh per hour. The cost includes fuel, crew, landing, and parking fees. Depending on the flight length, the cost may be as high as Rs 1.2 crore.

As of March 6, the cost of an evacuation flight for an Air India flight to Ukraine is estimated to be between 57 and 60 lakh rupees. However, the amount will be higher if you opt for the government flight to Kyiv. It will cost around $1,500 per person to fly from Ukraine to India. The Indian Government is paying for the flights as part of the relief effort. Air India and other airlines will operate the flights.

The company’s widebody airplanes and highly skilled pilots have been used for evacuations in conflict zones. For example, during the March 2011 air crisis in Wuhan, India evacuated 1,200 people to Djibouti, Libya in 2014, and Egypt in 2011. In August 2014, the company operated a ferry from Benghazi to India for over 650 Indians. Air India is a highly-regarded airline and has a record for being the most cost-effective way to evacuate an entire population.

Since the Russian military offensive started on February 24, Ukrainian airspace was closed to civil aircraft operations. As a result, the Indian Government and airlines began organizing evacuation flights from the two countries to help save its citizens. Since many of its citizens were stranded in the former USSR, the Indian Government is paying for the flights. The cost of an Air India evacuation flight depends on the airline, but the Government will reimburse the rescued citizens.

A second Air India evacuation flight to Romania landed in Mumbai at 2:40 am on Sunday. The first batch reached Mumbai by 7.40 am on Saturday. The third flight from Budapest will arrive in Bucharest at 6:30 pm. The first batch landed in Mumbai on Saturday, and two more will leave for Mumbai on Sunday. Air India will continue to send evacuation flights for Indian nationals. It is estimated that the total cost of the first two flights will be about $16 billion.

Rescheduling of Air India Evacuation Flight

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is preparing to evacuate the next batch of Indians from Italy. They are closely coordinating with the Civil Aviation Ministry and plan to resume evacuation flights on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, an Air India flight landed in Delhi carrying 211 Indian students and eight other passengers. The airline said it would update the passengers on the new schedule as soon as it received clearance from the Government of the destination country.

The Indian Government has launched Operation Ganga to expedite the evacuation process. Today, nine flights had taken off from Budapest, Slovakia, Poland, and Bucharest. Other flights are scheduled to reach Ukraine by March 4. In the meantime, the Air India embassy in Ukraine has tweeted that Indian citizens in Ukraine should not rush to the border post without first coordinating with Indian authorities via helpline numbers.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has rescheduled flights from the US to India to evacuate stranded Indians. The first batch of flights is expected to operate daily until May 13, and additional flights will be added as demand increases. In the meantime, travelers must check their flight details and the latest flight schedules before boarding. Air India has continued to accept registrations on its website.

If the rescheduled flight is delayed, the airline will refund the unused portion of the tickets, minus a non-refundable fee of Rs. 2,250. Passengers will not be entitled to a refund if the cancellation occurs within two hours. However, passengers who want a full refund must contact the airline to cancel their flights. This policy will apply to flights that fly on March 28, 2021.

Requirements for booking Air India Evacuation Flight

There are certain requirements that you have to meet while booking an Air India evacuation flight. First, you must meet the eligibility criteria to fly outside India. You must also check if you are eligible to travel to the destination country before you make your booking. Air India will operate 64 evacuation flights to twelve countries on Thursday, which are a part of a relief effort. To help you prepare yourself for the evacuation flight, here are some tips to make the booking process easier.

You must have the required documents to book your evacuation flight. In some cases, the Government may pay for the flight. For example, if you travel by plane to Kyiv, you must have all your travel documents ready. Otherwise, it will cost you a fortune. Fortunately, the Government is paying for this flight. You can book your flight online, through a travel agent, or at an Air India booking office.

Ensure you’ve read the country’s travel guidelines and are eligible to enter. You should also check with the Government about travel advisories and regulations for your destination country before booking your Air India evacuation flight. You should also ensure a valid passport or visa for the destination country. If unsure, ask your travel agent to check for the latest travel advisories and regulations.