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How Technology Has Changed The World? – Its Exclusive Power


How Technology Has Changed The World – Technology has transformed our world to such a context we can hardly relate ourselves to our ancient times. Every second of our life depends on technology. It has mingled in our life to such an extent where leaving without it is unthinkable. Technology has made our life easier and faster, be it our day-to-day life, education, job, or the medical world. Whether technology is taking us to a better place or is taking us into its grasp, we never know. We experience both the positive and negative effects of technology. Let’s learn how technology has changed the world in different timelines. Studenttcareerpoint.com – Student Magazine for Next Generation. To find out more about it click here.


How Technology Has Changed the World – The Past

The coffee we drink in the morning is still the same but the procedure changed with the arrival of the coffee machine. We had to clean our rooms before leaving for our job now technology does it for us. Earlier, people had to do few chores, and it would keep their body fit and healthy. Some of us who are health conscious visit the gym, exercise, or perform yoga to stay fit. Many ignore and it has been the cause of many deadly diseases out there. Though technology has bought much advancement in the medical field, it can also be the reason for many diseases.

With technology, our safety is secure, with advanced lock systems, finger-locks, face-recognition, iris-locks, and many more. Technology has securitized our physical and virtual security as well. With such highly advanced protection features, yet technology has contributed to cybercrimes. The increased cybercrime rates have caused fear among the netizens regarding how they handle technologies like social media.

How Technology Has Changed the World – The Present

The everyday technological advancements have given a ray of hope to find the cure of many deadly diseases out there. But it has been the cause of many diseases. Technology has severely affected the mental health of people as well. We can see many suffer from anxiety, depression that can have a drastic effect on their lives.

How Technology Has Changed The World – In education, technology has been a boon to all those students who had difficulty joining classes. Now, they can educate themselves from any corner of the world. They can build up their career by taking education from the top institutions of the world. With virtual classrooms, students from different countries can communicate with each other and bridge the communication gap.


How Technology Has Changed The World – The Future


The future of our technology will take its shape from the present. It depends on us how we reshape our technology in the future. Embracing the technology, erasing its ill-effects, we need to take some serious steps and approach proper planning.



Thus, technology has both its effects and consequences. We need to focus on taking the good and leaving behind the ill effects. The change that technology would bring is inevitable. We have been used to so much technology it is difficult to leave behind the ones we already use. We should maintain a balance between technology and the world to reap out its maximum benefits.


Technology would do its part in the coming years, and it is all upon us to what extent we need to harness it. We need nature as much as we need technology. We should never use one at the cost of the other. Survival requires a balance between the two.

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How technology has changed the world for good?

Technology has brought excellent tools and resources for us that put valuable information at our fingertips. With the revolution, it has become plainer, better, and faster.

What are the advantages of technology?

Technology saves your time, improves communication, gives easy access to information, saves cost, etc.