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Hercules Demolition Hammer


Hercules demolition hammers are powerful electric tools designed to cause significant destruction. Ideal for tasks like tearing tile off of walls and breaking up concrete and stone structures, as well as many other demolition tasks, they are especially suited to tile removal, concrete breaking and stone crushing operations, and other demolition needs. Their 23 Lb SDS Max-Type Demolition Hammer comes complete with features such as a release chuck for quick bit changes on site that reduce downtime, an electronically controlled motor to provide constant power during heavy demolition applications, and shock absorbent anti-vibration handle to minimize user fatigue – job site ready!. Best way to find the Gilbert Demolition Contractor.

SDS-MAX Type Demolition Hammer

Designed specifically to work with SDS Max bits, this demolition hammer also accepts standard chisels & and offers a power-to-weight ratio for effortless operation. Its powerful motor-driven percussive force combined with special bits helps break through materials such as concrete & and masonry, while its quick-change SDS chuck system enables quick bit changes during work sessions & and is double insulated to ensure safety & and reliability.

The heavy-duty German-engineered mechanism produces 7.1 joules of impact energy for hard-hitting performance. This high-performance tool features Constant Speed Under Load electronics, a mechanical clutch for consistent performance, and enhanced control. The variable-speed dial allows users to tailor speed to individual applications. It comes equipped with a side D handle and an anti-vibration system to enhance user comfort.

The durable aluminum housing body and brushless motor combine for improved durability and performance, with the AC brushless motor featuring an internal inverter circuit for superior job site performance and minimized maintenance of its carbon brushes. Active vibration reduction technology reduces user fatigue while improving comfort during operation, with service reminder lights making servicing and maintaining this demolition hammer much simpler.

Wear protective eyewear, ear protection, and gloves while operating this demolition hammer. Be sure to work in an area that is well-lit and clutter-free to minimize electrical hazards. Prior to using the tool, it would be wise to read its user manual to gain an understanding of operational procedures and disconnect it from the power source once finished using it. Keep it dry for optimal performance.

23 Lb.

Hercules’s demolition hammer is specifically engineered for heavy-duty demolition applications and powered by an electronic, job-site-ready motor. It features an on-the-job bit change feature with a quick-release chuck, an electronically controlled motor that delivers consistent power under load to keep its performance optimal during demanding demolition tasks, an anti-vibration handle that helps minimize user fatigue while providing maximum control, and a jobsite-tough heavy-duty storage case for added convenience.

Variable speed dials let you adapt the power of your hammer to each application, while an LED service light alerts you when it is time to replace brushes. Dust collection systems help you keep the work area tidy; Makita offers OSHA-compliant dust extraction solutions for maximum job site silica protection.