how i got here

Heather Kirkendall
Heather Kirkendall

I’ve always known I’m best at short-term task work. I get the most excited when I get a new idea, I map out my project, complete my project, and then find something new to inspire me. That’s probably why I’ve been able to be a hairstylist for 15 years, it’s always new and exciting. Also finding something old like a dresser and updating it has always brought me pleasure. I think my first project was when I was 16 and I took my dad’s childhood dresser and painted it a distressed white. Over the years I’ve expanded my skill and desire; I’ve learned how to rewire lamps to demolishing the interior of a house and refinish it. A few years back I thought โ€˜let’s start taking pictures of this stuff and maybe one day I’ll write about itโ€™. And here we are, I’m ready to write about it and I’m also ready to write about ALL the things that inspire me like my Husband, God, Health, Food, Home Design, Traveling, Doing hair and Parenting. I want to empower myself and you to tap into our creativity and abundanceย to make our vision a reality.

My Honey

Zach is my number one man, my husband since February 2nd 2017, he provides wisdom, discernment, support and knowledge. He is my partner in all things. Zach has been a licensed contractor for 15 years so when I am doing a project he’s my sounding board and technical advisor. And when we get to collaborate on a project it’s a dream come true, working on something I love with the man I love, building our future. ย Zach will have his own link soon!

About Me

I am a Leo with a sensitive heart, I love hip hop and country. Cruelty brings my heart to its knees. I love chocolate or anything sweet for that matter. I am powerful, loving, wise, a teacher, committed to my journey, creative outgoing,loyal, and sometimes funny. My favorite day is a rainy one where I get to snuggle up by the fire watch Netflix or work on an indoor project.


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