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Game of Thrones Map


Every episode of Game of Thrones opens with an eye-popping map depicting George R.R. Martin’s fictional world – and its fictional inhabitants! Geography is central to this epic tale, where characters slowly weave across two gigantic continents.

Reddit user Selvag has created an exquisite interactive guide to the show’s complex world, where users can adjust what information to display based on how far along their journey they are.

Map of Westeros

Game of Thrones universe is vast and intricate, making it challenging to keep up with everything the show casually reveals each week. HBO recognized this need and created an official interactive guide that allows users to explore Westeros at their leisure – as well as character biographies, family trees, and an official synopsis of the show! Depending on which episode you’re viewing, the site will also contain entries specific to that episode!

Game of Thrones takes place mainly in Westeros, separated from Essos by the Narrow Sea and measures the same size as modern-day Britain but extends further north and east than its actual landmass. Westeros is marked by bloody civil wars between noble families, which destroy towns and cities.

Its Seven Kingdoms rule Westeros. Each kingdom is led by its king or queen and oversees different regions that may be separated by mountains or rivers – in the north are Winterfell and The Wall. At the same time, in the south, there’s King’s Landing with sandy lands in King’s Landing before Wildling territories appear beyond.

Other than the Seven Kingdoms, other powerful families also dominate regions of Westeros. House Redwyne rules the Arbor of the Reach coast, which pledges allegiance to House Tyrell; The Iron Islands belong to House Greyjoy, who also governs this island group.

Essos is a more extensive and less crowded continent located between Westeros and its inland waterways, featuring tropical conditions. It’s divided into three regions, including city-states such as Bay of Dragons and Qarth and Sothoryos/Asshai, which lie further to the east.

Map of the Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones is an epic drama set across two massive continents and follows an unforgettable cast of characters across an imagined realm ruled by swords and Dragonfire. Through betrayal, tragedy, victory, and terror, a world is created where men and women compete for power in one of history’s deadliest games: Thrones.

Westeros is the primary setting of Game of Thrones and comprises seven regions and houses at war over the Iron Throne, the world’s seat of power. Of particular note is Winterfell Castle, controlled by Starks; Lannisters remain the most potent house, while Arryns, Martells, and Tyrells all possess various levels of lordship across Westeros.

These kingdoms are governed by absolute monarchies, in which the monarch has full authority over all aspects of government and is unbound by laws other than those established by himself or herself. His most trusted advisor is his Hand of the King – an appointed Lord who acts as his right-hand person and could take their place if incapacitation or death occurs to their monarch.

King’s Landing, Westeros’ capital city, boasts the highest population among the Seven Kingdoms. After that comes The Reach, which encompasses House Tyrell lands and Highgarden. Finally, there is Dorne, which features a sparse population due to being on the perimeter of the Seven Kingdoms.

Beyond the wall lies an immense, snow-covered wilderness inhabited by wildling tribes – separated from the rest of Westeros by its Great Wall built of ice and stone and therefore challenging to breach by normal means; occasionally, this barrier has temporarily thawed briefly but never breached by armies.

Map of the Vale

No matter your level of fandom for Game of Thrones or interest in its history, it’s well worth exploring the map accompanying its opening credits. Not only does it show every town and settlement seen during an episode, but it can also give an excellent snapshot of its overall plotline while helping you understand character movements more quickly.

The Vale is a fertile region encased by mountains on all sides, ruled by House Arryn and currently run by Jon, its leader. Due to its remoteness from the other areas of Westeros, it can be challenging to defend against an invading army; however, the Lords of the Vale are renowned for their military prowess and strong sense of honor. Their key towns include Gulltown, Wickenden, and Chesterton.

There are also several notable locations within the Vale, such as Ironoaks Castle located to the south between Vale and Narrow Sea; Redfort Castle to its southwest; Old Anchor Village at its mouth near Narrow Sea; as well as two notable houses called Royces and Upcliffs that can be found within this region.

Compare a map of the Vale with its geographical counterpart, and you will likely notice similarities to Switzerland. That is due to its neutral terrain and abundance of mountains; similar qualities make up both places, as do their beautiful locations that attract many of the North’s gentry.

If you’re searching for an interactive map of the Game of Thrones world, the mountain goat provides one that lets you zoom in and out and click on town names to learn more about them. In addition, character paths can be toggled on or off to track where characters have traveled in past episodes – you could even play a version of the game using it! (Though popcorn may come in handy!)

Map of the Reach

The Reach is one of Westeros’ most significant and populous regions, serving as its cultural heart until King’s Landing became the capital city after Aegon’s Conquest three hundred years ago. However, The Reach still boasts more noble houses with longer dynastic lines than any other kingdom in the Seven Kingdoms.

House Tyrell once held control over the Reach until Harlan gave Highgarden to Aegon during Robert’s Rebellion; many of their vassals remain independent, often acting on their behalf and providing more men than two other populous kingdoms within the Seven Kingdoms.

Reach is home to a powerful naval fleet known as the Redwyne Fleet that could rival even the Royal Fleet at its peak. It was formed due to an alliance between House Stark and coastal lords of Shield Islands to create an effective defense force to defend their territories.

Reach is a prosperous kingdom, rich with natural resources that include fertile lands, rich mines, and valuable forests – it is even considered one of the wealthiest regions on the continent.

Reach is blessed with immense wealth due to its advantageous position along the Sunset Sea, providing an ideal maritime trading route with Westeros and Essos. Furthermore, The Reach boasts an abundance of minerals like iron, copper, and silver, adding further substance to its wealth.

As one of the Seven Kingdoms’ wealthiest and most influential regions, The Reach is an exceptional region in Westeros. Boasting both population density and extensive agricultural and industrial resources, its status is undeniable as one of the top contenders for power within Westeros.