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Fox Defend Kevlar Pants Review


The Fox Defend Kevlar Pants are designed to perform in the most challenging conditions. They remain comfortable while pedaling up and across any terrain but are tough enough to be confidence-inspiring on the blisteringly fast descents.

With durable stretch materials for unparalleled mobility combined with Kevlar panels for maximum cut, tear, and abrasion resistance, these are the ultimate combination of durability and freedom of movement. TruMotion all-way stretch fabric allows a full range of motion, with a DWR coating to keep moisture and dirt at bay as you whip across any trail feature.


Over the past few years, Fox has constantly developed their line-up to balance lighter weight and more breathable offerings. But, in the process, a degree of robustness has perhaps gone missing.

The all-new Defend collection fills that gap beautifully with a short, pants, and a jersey that will ease you through some tough park days and bushwacking sessions, fending off rocks, thorns, and stray branches. The pants and shorts are reinforced with Kevlar, a material extremely resistant to cuts, tears, and abrasions.

Featuring MX-inspired ratchet closure for easy adjustments, laser ventilation on the front and back to keep you cool, TruMotion all-way stretch fabric, tough Kevlar reinforced knees, and a DWR coating to fend off moisture. The tapered lower leg reduces snag and drag, while secure-zip hand pockets provide easy access to smaller riding essentials.


Using Kevlar fibers to stand up to the rigors of the trail, Fox Racing has created a pair of trousers that are more than capable of tackling the dirt and making it out of your bike bag with style intact. A ratchet closure offers micro-adjustments on the fly, while the all-way stretch construction and tapered legs will reduce your chances of snags and stray trailside limbs. A top-of-the-range laser-perforated vent system provides enough airflow to keep you cool in this sweltering summer heat. In short, the Defend Kevlar Pants are well worth the money. The best part? They are a breeze to wear. The high-tech lining on the inside of the knees makes it a pleasure to slip on and off without causing undue strain. A good-fitting chamois will ensure your knees don’t get the scraps.

The Defend Kevlar Pants have the most fun to wear and are the perfect complement to the ride of your life.


You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable when you’re stoked to get out on your bike and hit the park for some gnarly sessions. Protecting yourself is critical; the Fox Defend Kevlar Pants are the ultimate protective gear to encourage you to raise your MTB game. These full-length pants are constructed from durable stretch materials for unparalleled mobility, while Kevlar panels help protect you against cuts and tears as you charge the trails. The all-way stretch construction is also designed to provide a comfortable fit on the bike, while tapered legs reduce snag points when pedaling, and a ratchet closure ensures quick micro-fitting and adjustments as you go.

A high back panel helps keep dirt, grime, and sweat out of your tush, while laser-perforated vents increase airflow and keep you cool as you charge up and down the trail. The Defend Kevlar Pants may be a little pricey for regular crashers, but they’re a worthy addition to your mountain biking wardrobe, and they’ll help you raise your confidence as you charge through the park.


When you’re ready to ride the park, hit the mountain, and go all out on big booters, Fox Defend Kevlar Pants provide the perfect level of coverage without compromising mobility. Featuring tough Kevlar fibers to stand up to the most challenging trails, these full-length pants let you pedal and move freely on the bike, while laser perforated vents on the front and back channel airflow inward for cool-down comfort on long shred days. An all-way stretch construction and tapered lower leg reduce snag points when ripping up the steepest and most technical trail features, and a ratchet closure provides secure, on-the-fly adjustments.

These pants are designed to last through regular wear and tear on the trails, keeping your protected cordura in high abrasion zones, with plenty of zippered vents for cooling airflow and calf panels that taper in at the ankles to stop excess flapping around the knees. Despite the price tag, these pants should prove durable enough for regular crashers while remaining comfortable and allowing you to push your MTB game to the next level.