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Formula One Standings – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Formula One standings are coming close with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Ferrari and McLaren’s top two cars have all secured the Constructors’ Championship. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is the driver with the most points in the Drivers’ Championship.

Lewis Hamilton holds the record for most points scored by a driver

If you’re looking for the record for most points scored by a driver in Formula One, you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than Lewis Hamilton’s. His 413 points this year have taken the top spot on the list, and he also set new records for pole positions, podiums, wins, and more.

As Lewis Hamilton prepares to embark on his sixth and final season in the Formula One championship, it’s worth looking at his achievements. Since his debut in 2007, the British driver has led 27,482 laps and has won 62 races.

He’s finished in the top five of the drivers’ championship seven times, including this season. Despite a disappointing performance in the first half of the season, he closed the door with a thrilling victory in Hungary.

Ferrari leads the Constructors’ Championship.

Ferrari is the oldest Formula One team, having competed in all world championships since 1950. They are known as “The Prancing Horse” because of their logo.

Ferrari won a string of driver’s and constructor’s titles in the first decade and a half of the championship. Juan Manuel Fangio, Alberto Ascari, and John Surtees won at least one.

In the second decade, Ferrari had a tumultuous time. Niki Lauda was gravely injured in a crash at the Nurburgring, and the team split up. However, the group returned in 1976, and Niki and Mauro Forghieri worked together to deliver more titles.

In the third decade, Ferrari could not break the dominance of the other “Big Four” automakers. Mercedes, McLaren, Renault, and Aston Martin have maintained a top-four finish.

Aston Martin is yet to pick up a point in the Constructors’ Championship

Aston Martin has struggled in the Constructors’ Championship this season. The British-based car manufacturer finished seventh after finishing 64 points behind Alfa Romeo, who is currently in fifth place. Despite a better performance later in the year, the team still sits five points behind the Italian manufacturer.

To improve, the team recently announced a significant update. They have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a new factory. But this does not guarantee that the team will be able to compete with the more technical rules of the new Formula One season.

Aston Martin’s first foray into F1 was at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1959. Roy Salvadori and Carroll Shelby drove the car. Several drivers have followed in their footsteps.

McLaren’s dominant car and not a “No. 1 driver”

The McLaren F1 team did not win the constructors’ championship, but they did come out on top in the drivers’ title race. Alonso and Hamilton finished in a two-person tie on 109 points, and Ferrari picked up the pieces.

As for a team, it’s not wrong to be in the top dog’s seat. But it’s not all fun and games. Alonso’s tenure at the British outfit ended when he could not deliver on his promises. His tenure lasted just one season, and he walked away in the red after a disastrous Spygate scandal.

It’s not the McLaren of the past. Despite its dominant car, the Brits were still not entirely up to speed. But, ultimately, the team was rewarded with a fine – and a hefty payout.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix podium reflects the final standings

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix dramatically ended the Formula One season. The last race of the year was marred by controversy. This included a late safety car that allowed Max Verstappen to pass Lewis Hamilton.

It was a bittersweet moment as Ferrari and Mercedes failed to deliver on their promise to fight for the championship. Instead, both teams finished out of the top three, and Lewis Hamilton was forced to retire after a mechanical issue.

Verstappen was the only current driver to finish on the Abu Dhabi podium; his victory came on his 15th career win. He also secured the driver’s title for the third time. His victory capped off a superb season.

Ferrari and Mercedes could not provide the title fight they were hoping for, but both finished in the top five. Charles Leclerc was second in the Drivers’ Championship, and Sergio Perez finished a strong third.