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Flack in the Music Business Crossword Puzzle


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The New York Times crossword puzzle has become a daily feature of its paper and features an array of themes and clues with increasing difficulty levels.

The New York Times

Pop music often associates the word flack with negative connotations; nevertheless, it continues to be an umbrella term for press agents and publicists. Perhaps its name was coined after Gene Flack – one of Hollywood’s renowned movie publicists of the 1930s – or probably from Yiddish for talking behind other people’s backs; no one knows its exact source or meaning.

Flack’s talent in interpreting music was unparalleled. She could infuse simple lyrics with depth of meaning and emotion, such as Ewan MacColl’s First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, into an emotionally charged work of art with just her voice alone. Additionally, she understood rhythm and timing issues, making even a slow song sound fast.

Flack began her singing career as a classically trained singer; however, after graduating from Howard University and performing nightclub singing gigs around Washington D.C. – such as Mr. Henry’s, where she sang duets with Donny Hathaway – her loveable charm and talent quickly made her an irresistible draw, and soon enough, Flack became a national phenomenon.

Flack’s success came at an era when singer-songwriters were emerging as a cultural force. Her interpretations of songs from the American songbook put her alongside luminaries such as Judy Collins, Joan Baez, and Aretha Franklin; in turn, she drew upon torch singer traditions and cocktail jazz while emphasizing interpretative singing as an artistic medium.

Today, Flack’s legacy can be found within black private life and mainstream society. Her songs remain an integral part of family gatherings and bedroom encounters alike, serving as touchstones for generations of singers who use her musical language (erotic yet not sexual) for inspiration. According to critic Jason King, Flack was an exceptional practitioner of vibe (the force that generates and conveys ineffable feeling) who represented black women in an age with rapidly shifting mores with sophisticated performances like those by Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith before her.

The Los Angeles Times

This year, Flack marked 50 years since she released her debut album and continues to inspire new generations of artists. As one of the pioneers in breaking down barriers between jazz and popular music, as well as being an advocate for women in the industry – she was incredibly influential on Joni Mitchell – but their respective careers differ in terms of Joni’s desire for individual genius, while Flack preferred working collaboratively and emphasized music’s collaborative nature.

Flack was a classically trained pianist but decided to pursue vocals after winning a talent contest at age thirteen. She went on to study both piano and voice at Howard University before moving to Los Angeles and working with various producers, soon becoming known for her majestic ballads, which laid the groundwork for modern neo-soul music. Additionally, Flack is widely revered as an outspoken feminist who championed civil rights during her life.

Flack was unlike many of her contemporaries in that she never sought fame or celebrity. Instead, she remained true to herself and her artistic vision even as she crossed genre boundaries and challenged racial stereotypes, eventually earning respect among musicians of all generations while becoming a cultural icon.

Flack continued her musical exploration for decades following, producing albums that represented the diversity of American culture, ranging from R&B sultriness to jazzy balladry characterized by fluidity and grace – something which cemented her position as an influential artist among younger musicians.

Flack’s legacy lives on through the works of rising stars like Tinashe and SZA, whom her unique musical style has inspired. Additionally, she acts as a mentor to younger artists while her recording studio, Realgrey Records in North Canton, Ohio, continues producing quality recordings.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is an influential daily newspaper known for its high-quality puzzles. Their crossword puzzles range from 15×15 grids on weekdays to 21×21 squares on Sundays and feature clever clues. Additionally, there are other crossword-related puzzles, including daily New York Times crosswords, that provide exercise while being enjoyable! These challenging yet entertaining challenges offer excellent training to both mind and body!

Flack is an American singer best known for her recordings of classic pop songs in an acoustic style and dynamic interpretation. Her music has inspired numerous contemporary artists like the Fugees and Lauryn Hill; additionally, she has made significant contributions to education and civil rights activism.

Joni Mitchell embodied a broad notion of women’s liberation for white women during the 1970s; Patti Smith represented punk androgyny, while Roberta Flack represented another type of sophistication for black women. Her most successful recording then, “Killing Me Softly,” was one of its kind. A pioneer of soul music herself, Flack also performed alongside folk revival singers like Joan Baez and Judy Collins while working with civil rights-influenced composers such as Eugene McDaniels to compose music that celebrated diversity.

Like her idols in jazz vocalist, Flack was an innovative and bold interpreter of music. Refusing to fit any single genre or subgenre, she developed her expressive musical language, which combined sensuality with politics.

Flack has earned many loyal followers through her years of sensitivity and virtuosity in music. An early proponent of music’s power to transform lives, her performances are revered by fans everywhere as legendary performances by one of history’s great performers. She was an early champion of this idea that music could transform, her performances being considered among history’s finest ever witnessed onstage. Flack influenced neo-soul/hip-hop artists of the 90s through R&B artists today. This year marks Flack’s 85th birthday as she continues inspiring generations through both music and activism.

The Washington Post

“Flack in the music business” is an obscure phrase with multiple interpretations that is one of the clues in this September 6, 2023 WSJ crossword puzzle. This phrase refers to several things, but usually to an intentional publicity stunt or attempt at garnering more attention through controversial statements or claims of being the best at something. Although its exact source remains unknown, some believe its origin dates back to the late 1930s when a famous movie publicist coined this term for famed movie publicity stunts, while others speculate it might even come from related Yiddish words for gossiping or something similar!

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