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Fall Home Decor Is More Than Just Pumpkins


Fall home decor is more than just pumpkins. You can add a pop of orange with orange mums. Orange mums are a bright way to brighten up a bathroom or home. Orange mums also make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. Orange mums are also a great way to bring the family together. You can use orange mums to decorate the dining room table or add cushions to your chairs.

Color palette

As the temperatures fall, brown colors are a good choice for your fall home decor. These colors can create a rustic, natural look, and can also add a pop of color to your home. Try placing a centerpiece of pampas grass on an olive wood serving board. You can also display brown pumpkins on side tables. You can also add brown leather pillows to your sofa for a cozy fall look.

The traditional color palette for fall includes shades of yellow, orange, and brown. You can also try a more unexpected color combination, such as shades of blue, aqua, or pink. These colors can create a cozy fall atmosphere when mixed with other warm hues.


Fall decorating is a great time to bring out the cozy and warm elements of the season. There are so many ways to incorporate different shapes into your fall home decor. For example, acorns are often overlooked in fall home decor, so this is a great way to bring them into your decor. Not only will acorns bring warmth to your home, but you can incorporate different materials to make them more interesting. One project that focuses on texture is an acorn that is made out of plastic Easter eggs.

Fall home decor trends this season focus on interesting shapes, warm neutral tones, and luxurious textures. As you browse through different trends, consider incorporating those elements that catch your eye and make you feel inspired. If you’re unsure of what design style to choose, remember that these trends are constantly changing and evolving.


Fall is the season for warm earth tones, and adding natural textures is a great way to achieve this look in your home. Use geometric patterns on rugs and wallpapers, and pair them with neutral colors for a warm autumn look. Burgundy and brown shades are also popular this season, so try incorporating some brown and burgundy floral arrangements throughout your home. These arrangements will bring texture and color to your space and are classic decorations that will stay fresh and on-trend throughout the season.

Plaids are another great option for fall home decor. Whether you want to accent a room or use them as a focal point, plaid patterns bring a cozy fall feel to your decor. Choose rich, jewel-toned plaids for an autumnal vibe, or go for a neutral plaid for an understated look.

Knit throws

Knit throws are a great way to spice up fall home decor. You can find them in a variety of styles and colors, and many are machine washable. Choose from a cosy flannel fleece throw, or go for a softer alternative with a faux Sherpa throw.

Knit throws and pillows add a touch of warmth and texture to any room. They also look wonderful in children’s rooms, home theaters, sunrooms, and libraries. You can even find throws with unique knitting patterns and colors. They are the perfect choice for chilly nights.


Candlesticks add height to a tablescape and allow people to see each other across the table. They are also a great choice for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. You can use a combination of taper candles in various fall colors and textures. You can even find flameless versions of these candlesticks.

Candlesticks are an essential part of fall home decor. You can display these on a table, coffee table, or bar cart. They are an easy way to add a cozy feel to any room. Adding taper candles to the set-up will complete the look. It is a great way to bring the colors of autumn into a room.

You can even customize your candlesticks to match your fall home decor. You can add flowers to pine cones and other fall-themed elements. You can also place them in a basket filled with apples. During the fall season, candlesticks will add warmth to your decor.