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Explosion Game Reading Coefficient | Guide to blast game coefficient detection


What is the blast reading coefficient? This article will review the guide to determining the explosion game coefficient. Blast game site is the most popular casino game in Iranian betting sites and can turn lucky users into millionaires in a few seconds. Many people have won millions of prizes by betting in the explosion game, and you too can try your luck in this exciting game. Stay tuned to Football 91.

Explosion play coefficient detection training

Pre-training for reading the explosion coefficient of the game, it is not harmful to first provide you with information about the game itself. Blasting games are offered for online betting on casino prediction and betting sites. This game has been available to users for many years. Still, it is much more popular than the original and old casino games due to its simplicity and profitability. بهترین سایت بازی انفجار با درگاه مستقیم

Like other betting games, this game is based on speculation and, of course, your luck. But we must say that this is not always the case. And you can increase the chances of your success by using the tips and tricks that professional and experienced people have achieved. And always earn big profits through this game. One of these methods of success in reading the game is the explosion.

Stop after high odds in the blasted game

If an excellent coefficient is presented in one round (for example, above 4), it is better to avoid participating in the next few rounds. Generally, when the coefficient goes up, the coefficients of the following categories are less than 2, and even in some hands, the game may be closed below 1.2. So, in this case, the risk is very high, and it is not worth participating.

The condition for entering the game with a high amount

If in several consecutive rounds, the coefficient does not reach 2 and the game is stopped at a lower coefficient, the best time to enter the game is with the initial condition amount of the high ratio. Of course, do not take risks in these conditions and wait for the maximum coefficient of 3.

Do not bet after very high odds.

In many rounds where the coefficient is above 20, in the next round, the gate is closed at 1, and practically all participants will lose the game. Therefore, never participate in the game when the previous round is a very high number.

Predict a high coefficient

When the game has odds of less than or close to 1.5 in a row, the next hand will probably have very high odds for the game. Such groups are the best time for high risks, such as a factor of 5.

Low automatic coefficients

One of the guaranteed ways to win the explosion game is to use low automatic coefficients. Of course, using this option is subject to playing on reputable betting sites. In reputable betting sites, the coefficient of occurrence of coefficient 1 is very low. A factor of 1 means the loss of all players and the site’s scam, and it has practically no aspect of the game and is only for scams.

Reasonable coefficients on reputable sites

Explosion game reading coefficient Guide to blast game coefficient detection If you are sure of the site’s credibility, you can use very low coefficients, such as 1.1 or 1.15, and use the automatic withdrawal option to end the game in each round, with the same result. Of course, it is recommended that you consider the above points and automatic withdrawals to make sure that your win in this game is definite and that you will earn a decent income. And are valid.

Explosion play coefficient detection robot

How are explosion game coefficients determined? Anyone who can guess the odds of this game can become a millionaire or a billionaire in less than a few hours… So if someone says he understands the way of this game or has noticed the bug of this game, rest assured that this way will not make money for 30 or مبل Sold, and he will become a billionaire.

Explosion game reading coefficient Guide to blast game coefficient detection

Recently, people have claimed in this game by claiming to recognize and introduce patterns (if several series of red coefficients come, wait for 2 bets, then bet on 1.5 to 2). If they answered, you can be sure that they would have made more profit than selling this very trivial trick for 50,000 Tomans, so do not trust these words.


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