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El Paso High School Football Helmets


Even with advancements in helmet design and materials, none have proven successful at significantly decreasing concussions among high school football players – possibly the greatest threat to its future.

El Paso high school football teams recently unveiled their newly designed helmets by Au Concepts & Designs, coated in matte black and orange colors.

R. R. Jones Stadium

El Paso High School football helmets serve both as protective equipment and representative pieces, making them essential parts of player and fan safety. Their distinctive designs have drawn rave reviews worldwide, featuring maps of Texas designed by Au Concepts & Designs. Au has even tweeted updates regarding this latest addition to its line of high-quality helmets!

El Paso High School Tigers were recently ranked fifth in MaxPreps’ 2023 rankings and boasted an impressive record against their rivals. Sophomore quarterback Chris Castaneda led this season. After experiencing some initial difficulties against Midland Christian but showing strong poise this week, Chris will have much to prove at The Battle of the Helmet this weekend!

Jones Stadium was constructed in 1916 as one of the first major concrete stadiums. It hosted three Sun Bowl games for its inaugural year before becoming part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1980; moreover, General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing rode his horse into this stadium to commemorate U.S. entry into World War I!

As well as offering breathtaking city views, the stadium also provides an exceptional playing surface. Equipped with Geo-Plus organic infill made of recycled materials for increased safety for athletes. This material acts as an alternative to traditional rubber, aiding with traction, cushioning, and water absorption – perfect for improving traction when needed – plus it tops off a Hellas paved-in-place system, which adds additional shock absorption capabilities to provide optimal playing conditions for all who visit it.

El Paso high school football teams are gearing up for this year’s Battle of the Helmet, an annual game between two community rivals in El Paso. This will be its fourth installment, and both coaches recognize its significance to their communities; Bel Air Highlanders coach Tony Cervantes knows this game means so much. Eastwood Troopers coach Eric Lopez sees this matchup as an opportunity for his squad to grow stronger after suffering their tough loss against Midland Christian last week.

The Lady on the Hill

El Paso High School football team belongs to District 1-5A Division II. Their overall record stands at 5-6, and their home record boasts two victories against Hanks Knights and Canutillo Bulldogs, respectively. Texas Rangers baseball team has long been recognized for its excellence, appearing on multiple television programs and news articles. Its stadium, known affectionately as “Lady on the Hill,” dates back to 1916 and offers stunning views. The Lady on the Hill stadium is situated atop a mountainside and boasts views of downtown El Paso and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Designed by architectural firm Trost & Trost with a Greco-Roman aesthetic, its capacity of 12000 seats allows it to host athletic programs such as cross country running, track & field, tennis, and basketball – as well as being a historical landmark since it was the first high school to offer music classes in America.

The Tigers have long enjoyed an intense rivalry with the Austin High School Panthers. In 2010, the Tigers celebrated an unprecedented triumph by winning their first championship since 2006 and taking back control from Austin High. Success on this front was attributable to hard work by players and coaches as well as community support.

El Paso High School boasts over a century of history. Notable achievements for El Paso High include its award-winning football team as well as academics and culture programs. As Texas’ oldest operating high school campus is designated a historic landmark, El Paso High’s legacy remains an unparalleled source of pride to El Paso residents, with global recognition due to their academic, cultural, and athletic accomplishments.

KTSM 9 Sports reports that UTEP’s new helmets will showcase an image of Texas. Designed by Au Concepts & Designs, these will be worn by every team this season as part of an effort to help heal following a mass shooting at a Walmart Store earlier this year. In addition, Au Concepts & Designs donated 8000 helmet decals as an aid in healing our community after this tragedy took place.

The Tigers’ History

High school football in El Paso has always been an intensely competitive affair. While the sport took a one-year hiatus due to World War I, teams quickly returned and have continued competing ever since. Some schools have achieved remarkable victories, while some players have gone down in history by setting notable stats.

Teams comprised of the top talent are generally those that reach state playoffs and, even more rarely, have made it to the championship game. Eastwood, Montwood, and Americas have recently been strong contenders; Chapin Franklin and Coronado teams have also performed admirably but failed to advance further than being mere spectators.

Cathedral Fighting Irish have recently won their inaugural 11-man football state title – an astounding achievement that they can take great pride in celebrating. Additionally, Cathedral is known for its strong track and field programs, which have produced numerous district, regional, and state champions over time.

At each home game, the Jefferson Silver Foxes have begun a fantastic new tradition: waving to El Paso Children’s Hospital patients at the end of each first quarter as they leave. This gesture reminds us all that sports transcend just numbers on a scoreboard!

This year may prove one of the most exciting in El Paso High School history, with several teams looking very promising. Americas and Eastwood both appear poised for greatness following brutal 2015 campaigns; Montwood should benefit from new coaching staff; we’ll see what transpires between Fabens, Coronado Mountain View Del Valle.

COVID-19 outbreak could delay the start of the season significantly, as every team needs their helmets inspected and reconditioned – unfortunately, due to pandemic conditions, some companies have closed down, resulting in delays for this service or schools having to buy brand new helmets at considerable expense.

The Tigers’ Traditions

The Tigers have an illustrious past, and their traditions serve as evidence. Rules serve to remind people that sports is about more than winning games; instead, it should bring people together and foster strong bonds among participants.

School alumni are proud to give back in various ways, whether by being part of four-generation Tiger families or supporting organizations and class reunions that maintain school facilities and landscaping. One such alumni, Tricia Goeldner Jay, has attended school for over 30 years herself and continues to support it in many other ways through organizations and class reunions – they even donated money toward keeping its building and grounds beautiful!

This year, El Paso High School has introduced a unique helmet design to honor its alumni. Created by Au Concepts & Designs and featuring the El Paso Star of Peace and Texas map as well as their city name, this is an impressive helmet that is sure to draw the eye of football fans alike!

El Paso High School football is widely acknowledged to be one of the premier programs in the nation, thanks to a passionate player base and dedicated coaching staff. Furthermore, El Paso High also holds programs designed to bolster morale among its students.

The El Paso High School football team celebrated a thrilling first-winning season under new head coach Robert Morales, triumphed against arch-rival Austin High School Panthers with a 7-3 win, and captured back their Claw trophy.

El Paso High School Football Team’s success is both impressive and inspirational; their hard work is evident, as evidenced by three consecutive district titles won and one this year alone! Their success has bolstered their school’s reputation while providing opportunities for other programs to thrive as well. Currently ranked number one in District 1-5A Division II standings, El Paso High School’s Football team now leads district standings while hoping for further wins this season.