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Dhaba Ekante in Kolkata


Dhaba Ekante is one of the best restaurants in Kolkata that serves authentic Bengali cuisine. Apart from this, it also offers fusion dishes that combine Thai and Asian flavours with Bengali flavours. Moreover, its breathtaking ambience makes it an excellent choice for a special evening with friends or family. Visiting this restaurant is recommended for all foodies who want to enjoy authentic Bengali cuisine while appeasing their views.

Authentic Bengali food

You’ll be amazed by the authentic Bengali dishes at Cafe Ekante, a floating restaurant in the middle of the vast lake in Eco Park, New Town. Its picturesque location and waterside setting make it a must-visit for foodies. In addition to its superb food, Cafe Ekante is known for its excellent ambience. While enjoying your meal, you can relax on the lakeside while sipping a fresh cup of tea.

The authentic Bengali dishes at Dhaba Ekante are served in the traditional style. Try the bhetki fillets, marinated in various pickling spices and grilled to perfection. These are served with onion rings, chillis, and lime slices. You can also order jumbo prawns, dum style, or mermaid style. You can also try the unique dipping fish in besan batter and deep-fry it.

Bhojpuri Manna is another authentic Bengali eatery in Kolkata. The restaurant is owned by a group of friends who opened it in 2005. The name comes from a famous Bengali song Manna Dey sang in a 1970s film. The song is about a magical cook and his delicious dishes. There are many locations of this restaurant in Kolkata, including Ekdalia Road, Hazra, and the Kasba Industrial Estate.


Dhaba Ekante in New Town is known for its nice chicken and tasty dishes. It has received a high score from Google users and is considered a fine place to eat. Most visitors rate the staff as competent and say their service is good. A meal at this restaurant can cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000. Most of the tables were occupied. You can check out their menus and view the discounts and offers these restaurants offer.

There are several deals available for dining here. The cafe serves authentic Bengali food. There are also fusion dishes with Asian and Thai twists. In the midst of all this, the ambience is simply breathtaking. If you are in Kolkata during Mother’s Day, try the special dishes and get free admission to the Mother’s Wax Museum. The ambience is amazing, and you’ll want to come back again.