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David Jeremiah to Lead Israel Tour 2023


Two years later, optimism over revival tourism has generated hope among those specializing in group travel to Israel. “We’re seeing signs of hope,” reports Eyal Carlin, Israel Tourism Commission for North America.

David-Jeremiah artfully employs the Lamborghini as a symbol to subtly reinterpret black masculinity in his paintings, providing an unexpected visual form to violence and trauma caused by racial stereotypes.


Pastor and author David Jeremiah used the Old Testament story of Caleb as inspiration for his biblical prophecy presentation at Liberty University’s Convocation on Wednesday morning. Jeremiah, founder and senior pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church’s Turning Point and senior pastor of Turning Point Ministries, used Caleb as an illustration to show Christians how to live life fully for God.

Jeremiah used his speech to highlight how many people settle into complacency and fail to fully appreciate God’s blessings, likening this situation to a basketball team playing not to lose instead of competing to win the game. Unfortunately, Christians often approach life this way, too, and end up missing out on His blessings for themselves.

Jeremiah also spoke of the necessity for Christians to prepare themselves for Christ’s return, or the “Rapture.” He noted the signs that indicate this event is near – such as increased wickedness and deceitfulness, wars or threats of wars, increasing instability in the Middle East region, global pandemic, and rising wickedness levels – yet remain focused on their faith in Jesus Christ rather than being discouraged or diverted by these events. He advised believers not to become disoriented by such happenings and to remain centered in their trust in Him.

David Jeremiah’s Israel Tour 2023 offers more than just historical experiences – it’s also an intimate spiritual journey with teachings that make this pilgrimage genuinely life-altering. Jeremiah and his associates provide instructions from Scripture throughout their trip that transform each expedition into an eye-opening pilgrimage experience. These teachings will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of Scripture and enhance your relationship with Christ, creating an experience you and your loved ones won’t soon forget. Israel tour offers you a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your connection to God and build a solid foundation for the future of you and your family. Additionally, this tour fosters a sense of community among its participants – making it truly unforgettable. Many pilgrims have reported making lifelong friendships on the trip. After returning home, these relationships remain close as pilgrims support each other as they follow Christ together. This demonstrates beautifully how the community spirit created on these trips flourishes.

Places Visited

David Jeremiah is a New York Times-bestselling author, respected Bible teacher, and the Founder/CEO of Turning Point Broadcast Ministry. Dedicated to deepening the faith of his followers, this tour serves as an extension of that mission – teaching biblical truths that promote hope, religion, and unshakeable strength for his listeners – with this year’s time bringing his message of hope all the way from Holy Land!

Your tour of Israel will include visits to many of its most significant spiritual and historical sites. You will see where Jesus was crucified and where his tomb lies buried; Ein Gedi, where David wrote many of his Psalms; and finally, floating on its rejuvenating waters in the Dead Sea for one last experience!

Dr. Jeremiah’s answers will bring comfort and hope, helping you through difficult times. You will learn about God’s prophetic calendar as it pertains to the Rapture, an event many are fascinated with but are uncertain when or if it will occur.

At times of confusion or uncertainty, it’s essential to remember the Bible teaches us not to fear; we should instead feel joyous as we anticipate Christ’s glorious return! Hope and faith that empower you to overcome any challenge with confidence are necessary components for living the fullness of life that God intends for us all. Sign up now to start experiencing peace and assurance by subscribing to David Jeremiah’s newsletter, which features study focuses, original articles, daily devotionals, broadcast schedules, ministry updates, and concert notifications from Bandsintown!

Spiritual Transformation

Jeremiah also encouraged believers on his tour to live courageously and confidently as they await Christ’s return by learning to walk in God’s light of love and fostering close communion with him through Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah’s teachings have transformed his audience spiritually, helping them build confidence for facing the future with optimism. His ministry continues to flourish worldwide and has touched countless lives.

As well as his ministry, Jeremiah serves as senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California, and president of Turning Point for God – a non-profit that brings God’s unchanging Word into an ever-evolving world through radio/TV programs, books, online content, and mobile applications – reaching millions around the globe through radio/TV programs, books/online content/mobile apps.

Jeremiah saw his church grow exponentially under his leadership, now boasting multiple satellite locations that cater specifically to Hispanic and Arab populations. Additionally, it hosts the world’s most-watched syndicated Bible teaching program and hosts an annual conference that draws thousands of attendees from across the globe.

Jeremiah’s sermons are grounded in scripture and designed to help his audience better comprehend how the Bible applies to modern life. He emphasizes timeless biblical truths while motivating his listeners to live according to their full potential in Christ Jesus. His teachings feature an emphasis on grace as the critical component in comprehending Christianity.

Established in 1992 as Biblical Israel Tours (BIMT), its director, John DeLancey, studied archaeology and historical geography at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University for one year before making it his mission to lead faith-based Israel/Holly Land study tours for thousands of people since. Now one of the premier tour companies offering biblically based, in-depth, evangelical tour packages of Holy Land sites like Jerusalem or Tabgha, BIMT offers biblically inspired, in-depth and evangelical tours throughout its 20-year history!


Dr. David Jeremiah is an influential evangelist and pastor, having founded Turning Point for God broadcast ministry as well as Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. With a broad following and is well known as an author writing on spiritual transformation issues such as faith and transformation, Dr. Jeremiah recently fell ill during a conference cruise and has not been able to travel or give talks, leaving his followers concerned over his health status and eager to know if he has fully recovered.

David Michael has assumed his duties as president of Turning Point Ministries while his father remains on medical leave. David Michael has been working with Turning Point Ministries since its early days of radio and television ministry; a graduate from Liberty University himself, he now oversees operations and fulfillment details of Turning Point’s global reach.

Recently, during a speech at Liberty University, he encouraged students to live boldly for Christ and embrace life with purpose and meaning, as that’s the key to true happiness. Additionally, he stressed the significance of having a biblical worldview and understanding how best to implement it into daily life.

The David Jeremiah Israel Tour 2023 is an exceptional pilgrimage that profoundly impacts participants’ lives. Offering more than simply sightseeing adventures, this pilgrimage gives participants a more profound spiritual experience than others do. Participants visit biblical sites while receiving lessons on the context and historical significance of each place they see – creating lifelong ties to Scripture while deepening faith.

John Hodges is a recognized expert in archaeology who has participated in multiple digs throughout the U.S. He has also studied the ancient history of Israel at Moody Bible Institute. With a passion for teaching, Hodges makes it his mission to show others the connection between Bible stories and physical locations where they took place.