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Dav International School E Learning Portal


Dav International School’s e-learning portal is a platform where students can learn from teachers and classmates. It also allows students to practice more and improve their grades. It also helps build a strong communication channel with the teacher and parents.

The website could be improved by providing more learning materials to form 2, form 3, SC, lower six, and HSC students as well.

E-learning platform

The e-learning platform offers digital learning content and interactive multimedia for students. Teachers can upload customized lessons, class assignments, and worksheets to help students master their subjects. It also provides a comprehensive student portal that allows parents to check their wards’ fee details, holiday homework, and class assignments. Students can also access the World Wide Web under guidance to explore horizons beyond the classroom.

The school’s IT infrastructure enables students to connect with classmates worldwide and participate in weekly discussions. Teachers can also upload their research materials online and share them with the students. The school also prohibits the use of its computers, networks, and Internet services for personal financial gain. If this occurs, disciplinary action may be taken.

Using the e-learning platform is simple. Parents and students can log in to the website by using the admission number as a user ID and date of birth as a password. Once logged in, the parents can select the appropriate quarter for paying fees. Once the payment is completed, a receipt will be generated and emailed to the parents.

Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms are an excellent way for students to learn and interact with their classmates from all over the world. They also help students develop social skills, which are necessary in the technology-driven world we live in today. In addition, students attending virtual classes have the opportunity to improve their technological skills by working with various tools and applications.

A virtual classroom is a software platform that allows instructors and learners to engage with each other online. It offers a range of features, including video/audio conferencing and chat. It can also include an online whiteboard, a library of resources, and teacher tools. The virtual classroom can be either synchronous or asynchronous, with a focus on student-teacher interaction.

Virtual classrooms are also known as tech platforms, and they can be used for distance learning or as an integral part of a traditional course. The best tech platforms are easy to use and support a variety of learning formats. They can also be customized to meet the specific needs of different learners. In addition, they can provide feedback and report grading automatically. They can even allow teachers to create a group of learners based on department, location, or other criteria.

Learning materials

E-learning is a comprehensive solution that assists teachers in meeting classroom challenges and enhancing students’ academic performance through simple, practical, and meaningful use of technology. This solution enables teachers to have instant access to digital instructional material and presentation materials that are mapped precisely to the curriculum guidelines adopted by the school.

Teachers can also create customized e-learning lessons and share them with other faculty members. These digital resources help students learn through multi-sensory experiences like animations and videos that bring abstract concepts to life. The e-learning system also allows teachers to make instant formative assessments in every class period.

It is important to note that teachers and students are responsible for their actions and activities involving school computers, networks, and Internet services. Using these tools for any non-school-related purposes can result in strict action against the user. Hence, it is essential to acknowledge all Internet sources in student work and avoid copyright violations. For example, it is necessary to state that a particular video was found on YouTube or an article was retrieved from an online library.


Whether you’re interested in virtual production, VFX, or GAME programs, we offer leading-edge technologies that will prepare you for industry positions. You’ll learn everything from LED wall virtual sets to photo-real and real-time production techniques and emerging production technologies. The school also offers an array of other curricular activities and extracurricular opportunities. For example, the school hosted a one-of-a-kind talent hunt that gave children a chance to showcase their latent skills. It also celebrated Valmiki Jayanti by paying homage to the revered poet and sage with a foot-tapping presentation.