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Consumer Reports Microwave Over Range Review


In this Consumer Reports Microwave Over Range review, we’ll look at the Panasonic ME16K3000AS, the Whirlpool WMH53521H, and the LG LMHM2237ST. Each of these microwaves has unique features, so it’s important to know which one’s right for you.


The GE JVM3160RFSS Microwave Over Range is a good choice for smaller kitchens. It offers a 1.7-cubic-foot capacity and comes with a smudge-proof surface. It also features two fan speeds and a non-stick interior.

This microwave was tested by Consumer Reports to ensure that it would work well for general use. The magazine also tested it for different uses, including making popcorn, lasagna, and chopping meat. It has been rated highly by the magazine, which provides detailed reviews of all types of products.

The GE JVM3160RFSS Microwave Over Range is an affordable option that provides basic functionality. It has a 1.6-cubic-foot capacity and no sensors for sensor cooking, although it does have a warm power setting which is useful when you want to keep leftovers warm. The microwave also has presets for cooking popcorn, potatoes, and drinks.

Panasonic ME16K3000AS

The Panasonic ME16K3000AS Microwave over range has several features to make it a desirable purchase. Its Eco mode can help conserve energy, while the programmability is excellent right out of the box. It has a user-friendly button layout that can be programmed to suit your preferences. It retails for around $200.

This microwave oven offers a 1.6 cubic-foot capacity, which makes it ideal for preparing several meals and snack items. It features a powerful ventilation system that helps clear the air and minimize steam and fumes. The ventilation system can move up to 300 cubic feet of air per minute. It also features an ice blue LED display with large text that helps with visibility. The microwave has preset cooking modes for most of your typical dishes and a quick cook mode to prepare food quickly.

This Panasonic microwave has 1000 watts of cooking power, a large cooking capacity, and a child safety lock. It also has multiple settings for its cooktop light and fan. The fan moves up to 300 cubic feet of air per minute and is quiet, with venting to the exterior via front-top vents.

If you’re planning to buy an over-the-range microwave, you should consider the features you need. First, you should determine whether or not it will fit in your kitchen. If it is sitting above the stove, consider a model that has a large enough space to fit over it.

A dirty control panel may also cause an SE error code. If this occurs, cleaning the control panel may resolve the problem. If the error persists, replace the touchpad or main control board. If you are unsure of the touchpad, you can have a trained professional replace it.

Whirlpool WMH53521H

If you’re looking for a microwave that can cook meals on the go, consider the Whirlpool WMH53521h microwave over the range. This model has a 2.1-cubic-foot capacity, a steam function, and stainless steel construction. It also features LED lighting and 1,000 watts of cooking power.

Microwave over-ranges are a great way to free up counter space while cooking and help vent odors from the range below. Over-the-range models typically have interior space ranging from 0.8 to 2.1 cubic feet. One model from Whirlpool has an industry-first Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination, which provides 1.1 cubic feet of interior space.

Another over-the-range microwave that offers a good combination of features and benefits is the GE JVM6175. It is a larger model with a rounded design and convenient controls. This model also offers an extra-large capacity, a 400 CFM fan, and a steam cleaning option.

Using an over-the-range microwave saves space in the kitchen and money by eliminating the need for a range hood. It also provides ventilation but is less effective than a traditional range hood in cleaning the air. Its ventilation capacity is similar to that of a range hood, but a higher-end model seldom exceeds 400 CFM.

The Whirlpool WMH53521h microwave over the range is another popular model. It provides a large amount of space for cooking and features a built-in exhaust fan. It also offers the option of a drawer or wall-mounted installation. The latter option is a good choice for those with limited counter space.


The LG LMHM2237ST Microwave over range offers ample space to cook large items, like family-size casseroles. It features Enhanced ExtendaVent ™ 2.0 ventilation that covers the entire cooktop virtually and improves air circulation. This microwave oven also has smooth-touch glass controls for a comfortable cooking experience.

This microwave over the range is a part of the Consumer Reports Microwave oven test program. It has been rated as one of the best ovens in its class. It also scored high on CR’s ease of use and style. It is a great addition to any kitchen.

Another reason to choose an over-the-range microwave is that it frees up valuable kitchen counter space. Counterspace is extremely valuable in a kitchen, especially for those who love cooking. This microwave occupies virtually no counter space and sits directly above the oven. This allows you to dedicate only a small portion of the kitchen counter to other cooking appliances.