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Canik Rival-S Competition Pistol


Canik has introduced the full-size steel frame version of their Rival pistol: the SFx Rival-S. This competitive pistol features an optic-ready slide and a 5-inch, rifled, ported, and serrated barrel to deliver performance at every shooting range.

The heavy frame of this rifle reduces recoil, and it has numerous accessories for customizing it to meet individual requirements. A crisp light trigger and outstanding sights provide beginners with a good start, while features like an ambidextrous mag release system and three grip backstrap sizes cater to advanced competitors.


The Canik Rival-S is a versatile and customizable competition pistol built for versatility and customization. Featuring a steel framed design that absorbs recoil while improving accuracy, this pistol also comes equipped with various accessories such as an external mag well, adjustable fiber optic sights, and ambidextrous controls for easy operation – making this pistol perfect for IDPA, IPSC, or USPSA competitions.

Rival-S is a double-action striker-fired pistol designed for easy field stripping for cleaning. To perform a takedown procedure, the shooter pulls back slightly on the slide before pressing down on two takedown tabs at the bottom of the pistol to release the recoil spring and barrel for further disassembly and maintenance of the weapon.

Canik Rival-S’ flared magazine well is another beautiful feature, enabling fast reloads when competing in competitive shooting events such as tournaments. Furthermore, this model comes complete with an accessory toolkit with punches and other essential tools, two magazines, and an ambidextrous mag release to complete its arsenal of goodies.

Although relatively new to competition shooters, Rival-S has quickly become a favorite in this regard. Offering competitive pricing with crisp trigger pull and excellent ergonomics that make shooting an absolute pleasure, its high level of reliability, as well as extensive accessory support, are hallmarks of its popularity that will only grow stronger over time.

The Canik Rival-S is widely considered one of the top steel-framed competition handguns available today. Its durable forged steel frame provides exceptional strength, while the fluted barrel increases rigidity for increased rigidity and corrosion protection. Furthermore, its chrome finish helps guard against wear and tear. It efficiently handles heavy rounds without issue, while its lightweight design makes it simple to carry and control; additionally, it is available with a black nitride coating for a more subdued aesthetic.


The Canik SFx Rival-S takes steel-framed pistols to a whole new level at an economical price. Its heavy frame was designed to mitigate recoil, while the external mag well allows for faster magazine changes. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with ambidextrous controls and forward indexing points, which enable shorter shots with increased speed and accuracy. In addition to two 18-round magazines and an aluminum mag baseplate, it comes complete with three interchangeable backstraps, an optics mounting plate kit of five plates, and slide racking adapters, magazine loaders, and cleaning kits as standard features.

The Rival-S is designed for IDPA, IPSC, and USPSA competition. Featuring all-steel construction with excellent trigger pull, ambidextrous controls, and optics-ready rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation, as well as a fiber-optic front sight for a clear sight picture, it makes this pistol stand out among similar firearms. An excellent choice for new shooters as well as experienced ones alike!

Canik’s fully modular design offers you plenty of choices for customization and upgrades, including its 5-inch barrel, 1913 Picatinny rail, and external mag well. Additionally, this firearm boasts a double undercut trigger guard with aggressive grip texturing for easy gripping. Available in various finishes and colors to meet individual tastes, Rival-S is a highly reliable firearm that is perfect for any situation!

Canik’s RIVAL pistol line has quickly become one of the go-to choices in competitive shooting, thanks to its unparalleled performance at budget-friendly prices and high-grade components and features that make for an exceptional shooting experience. With impressive specs, precision manufacturing components, and innovative features, these Turkish pistols make great entry-level competition shooting firearms.

The SFX-RIVAL features a chrome finish that adds both durability and aesthetics, plus it comes equipped with three interchangeable backstraps, an adjustable mag release, and a pistol lock as accessories. In addition, there is also a flexible wraparound grip available that allows users to tailor it according to different hand sizes, as well as optics-ready features, including a pre-cut slide with five mounting plates to support multiple mount types.


The Canik SFx Rival-S is an exceptional steel competition pistol built on its award-winning predecessor, the Canik SFx Rival. Based on this model, this firearm utilizes a heavier frame to minimize recoil, an external mag-well for quick reloads, ambidextrous controls, and forward indexing points for quick shots, along with bold indexing points that enable quick accurate images. Furthermore, it is optics-ready with its removable sight system, which allows co-witness iron sights or red dot optics to be used simultaneously!

The Rival-S can handle all forms of ammunition and perform exceptionally well in all our testing. With its crisp, light trigger making it ideal for competitive shooting, its ergonomics were second to none, and its takedown process required no tools – it also features a reversible magazine release with an adjustable mag spring, making swapping magazines easy while large grip backstraps allow customizing its fit for greater personalization.

Rival-S stands out from its competitors with its flared magazine well, which helps ensure smooth magazine reloads. This feature is especially beneficial during competition shooting as it ensures the magazine remains aligned properly during fills and prevents magazine issues. Furthermore, this model comes complete with various accessories, such as two magazines and a pistol bag, as well as a Canik Punch & Tool kit, cleaning kit, gun lock, water-resistant travel case, etc.

The Canik Rival-S stands out among full-sized steel competition pistols due to its attractive combination of affordability and exceptional reliability. Boasting an all-steel construction, an outstanding trigger mechanism, and many included accessories compared to similar full-sized pistols, its value proposition can’t be beaten!

The Rival S pistol features a 5-inch barrel and 18 rounds of capacity, making it an excellent choice for tactical use. Its chrome finish adds aesthetic appeal, while ambidextrous controls and lightweight design make it suitable for left- and right-handed users alike. Loading and unloading it is simple, while its ergonomics make it ideal for competition use.

The Canik SFx Rival S is a highly customizable 9mm pistol suitable for IDPA, IPSC, and USPSA competitions. This model is an excellent choice for competitive shooting, featuring a fully modular setup with an ambidextrous slide release, adjustable fiber optic sights, reversible magazine release, and 1913 Picatinny rail with external mag well. Not to mention its eye-catching futuristic look with extensive slide cuts and fluted barrel – perfect for IDPA shooters!


The Canik SFx Rival S is an exceptional handgun that delivers top performance and reliability, featuring its beautiful chrome finish as an aesthetic accent and durable surface, along with ergonomic features to provide an ergonomic and secure grip. Ideal for competitive shooters who wish to level the playing field without breaking their budget, the Rival S is also an excellent choice for recreational shooters looking for affordable targets to shoot on range days.

The Rival S is a compact double-action striker-fired pistol featuring an 18+1 round capacity and a fluted barrel. Crafted from durable forged steel for enhanced durability and resistance to wear, the Rival S can handle tactical shooting applications as well as competitive competition shooting applications. Available in an array of colors and finishes to meet any individual need or desire.

Rival S is available with both chrome and hard chrome finishes for optimal corrosion protection and wear resistance, providing multiple options to choose from for rigorous use. Furthermore, its lightweight yet sturdy forged steel construction makes the Rival S an excellent lightweight choice that can easily handle high round counts.

Canik SFx Rival S guns feature an integral Wasatch Arms compensator mounted to their frame for reduced recoil and muzzle rise, attaching to the front of the slide easily without needing threaded barrels; quickly attached or detached in minutes for easy installation or removal without threaded barrel requirements; also featuring an integral Picatinny rail for mounting lights or accessories.

Rival S is equipped to accept optics with its removable rear sight plate that features five mounting plates for various optics, enabling users to co-witness iron sights and an optic simultaneously. Standard pictures included with Canik SFx Rival S have an adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight for co-witnessing purposes.

The Canik SFx Rival S is taking steel-framed competition guns to an entirely new level. Featuring superior ergonomics, a crisp trigger, and competitive pricing -, this steel competition gun is one of the top choices among competitive shooters.