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Bosch Mesm731M Review


If you are looking for a mixer, then you’ve come to the right place. The Bosch MESM731M is a versatile tool for mixing up your favorite drinks. However, before you buy it, read our Bosch Mesm731m Review first. We’ll go over its specifications, features, price, and availability. Also, find out if it’s right for you. Once you’ve finished reading this Bosch Mesm731m review, you’ll be able to decide which one to buy.

Product description

The Bosch Mesm731m is a juicer that features a VitaExtract extractor. It makes a wide variety of healthy drinks, including smoothies and juices. The VitaExtract-Recipebook provides a wealth of recipes. Its removable lid is easy to clean, and its VitaExtract-Recipeheft keeps healthy ingredients within easy reach. It also has a built-in juicing attachment for smoothies.

The Bosch MESM731M features 55 vong tren phut cung luong and 99,98% luong vitamin. The product is manufactured in Germany, and the manufacturer promises a lifetime warranty. It also comes with an automatic shutoff feature, and an integrated sensor. It’s a great value, and if you’re in the market for a new juicer, it’s well worth considering.

The mixer is easy to use, and it has a variety of functions. If you’re looking for a juicer that will make your morning smoothies more delicious and nutritious, this Bosch MESM731M juicer is the way to go. Its small size makes it portable and compact, so it’s perfect for small apartments. The MixControl feature allows you to add and remove ingredients with ease. You can also adjust the amount of fruit or vegetables that you’d like to add to your smoothies.


The Bosch MESM731M juicer comes with 3 nozzles, allowing you to choose the type of cleaning that best suits your needs. These nozzles are fine for preparing juices and smoothies, coarse for creating sorbets and for making a cake. There is a 1.3-liter container to store the mixture. For safety and security purposes, the product has an automatic shut-off feature that automatically cuts off the juicer if it overheats. A protective valve is installed at the base of the filling spout. A booklet of recipes is also included in the package.

You can purchase the Bosch MESM731M 150 W Juicer on Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, and Tata Cliq. You can also buy this juicer on EMI. To get a discounted price, try searching for it on Amazon or Flipkart. These sites have low prices and high prices. If you’re considering purchasing this juicer, you’ll be pleased with its price range.


Among the many features of the Bosch Mesm731m juicer is its ability to make a variety of healthy drinks. It comes with a VitaExtract-Recipebook and a recipe rezeptheft, where you can find many healthy recipes to make at home. Moreover, the machine’s price is quite reasonable, so it is easy to justify buying it. You can even get it as a gift to a friend or family member.

The juicer comes with three nozzles – fine, coarse and sorbet – to create different kinds of beverages. The blender is also capable of making sorbet, a type of dessert that is made from frozen berries and fruit. A 1.3-liter separate container is available for the drinks. The filling spout has a protective valve. The cake holder has a volume of 1.3 liters, which makes it easy to store.

You can get the Bosch Lifestyle Slow Juicer MESM731M 150 W Juicer online from several stores, including Flipkart, Amazon, and Shopclues. You can also get it on EMI, if you need to pay in installments. However, keep in mind that the price fluctuates frequently, so it is important to compare prices from several websites to get the best deal. The best deal is to compare different models from multiple sellers.

Comments from customers

This extractor of juice from Bosch MESM731M/01 comes with 20 different parts. Many are not found on our website and can be ordered through our customer support department. You can search for parts using simple words, categories, or by searching for specific parts. You can also request specific parts and accessories. Here are some comments from customers who bought this product: