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Blackout Window Film


Blackout window film provides total darkness on glass surfaces, making it the ideal solution for bedrooms and other rooms that require total darkness. It is also popular among photographic studios and laboratories. Select the best privacy film singapore.

Blackout window film offers an easy solution for darkening any room, particularly if you work the night shift or have an infant who has yet to establish her sleep pattern. These static-cling films do not require adhesives for installation and removal – making this option very user-friendly!

Blocks Light

Window blackout film is a type of window tint designed to darken the inside of your windows so that people outside cannot see through. It creates an inaccessible block of darkness, perfect for bedrooms, home theatres where privacy is essential, or rooms where visibility needs control, such as garages or storage rooms.

Our blackout window film is entirely opaque, contrasting with some semi-transparent decorative window films. You may select from either black from within and mirrors when seen from outside or white both ways of glass based on your individual needs and preferences.

Many of the darkening window films we offer feature a single hue on both the inside and outside surfaces of windows, while some feature darker tinting inside while remaining slightly lighter on the outside; for example, 3M’s Prestige 20, 40, and Ceramic CM 20 films all come in darker versions than their outer sides.

Blackout window film can significantly decrease glare and UV rays that penetrate your windows, alleviating eye strain. Plus, blackout film helps maintain more excellent summer and warmer winter temperatures – cutting energy costs! And, of course, it protects furnishings from fading caused by sunlight exposure.

Reduces Heat and Glare

Blackout window film is an effective and cost-efficient solution to decrease heat entering through windows and glare. Furthermore, its UV-blocking properties help protect furniture, carpeting, and other furnishings in your home or office from UV rays damage.

Darkening window film allows natural light in while blocking almost all sunlight and UV rays – ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and other spaces requiring total darkness. Available in various roll sizes to ensure the correct size matches windows and doors.

This product is constructed of eco-friendly materials that are friendly to the environment. It contains no harmful chemicals or toxins and is easy to dispose of once it is no longer required. Furthermore, this insulating blanket offers excellent insulating properties and should last years.

This 0.15-millimeter thin film has an anti-scratch coating to protect it from scratches. Installation is easy as it clings directly onto glass, but for optimal results, take your time when removing from its backing paper a little to avoid wrinkles and ensure that both surfaces have plenty of soapy water on both surfaces for proper adhesion.

Blocks UV Rays

Blackout window film creates an ideal darkened atmosphere on glass windows, perfect for bedrooms and home theatres. Its unique design prevents anyone from peering inside your space from looking outside!

Window film employs what’s known as spectrally selective technology to control light in specific wavelengths – like UVA and UVB rays that are harmful, yet allow other wavelengths, like visible light that’s non-threatening, through.

Contrasting standard windows, which let in up to 99% of UVA and 90% of UVB rays, window film helps shield skin and furnishings from sun damage, such as fading, while reducing glare and heat for more comfortable indoor work or rest environments.

Blackout window film provides more than just darkness for rooms; it also helps save energy and reduce the amount of sunlight passing through windows, which allows your HVAC system to run less frequently, thereby keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year.

Blackout window films come in both permanent and removable varieties. Endless movies adhere to windows using silicone glue. In contrast, the removable cinema can easily be removed or repositioned without leaving any residue behind, making this an excellent solution for renters who wish to experiment with different colors and designs without risking permanent changes to their property.

Increases Privacy

Window films provide privacy in bathrooms and showers by obstructing views from either side. In addition, they block light and noise-deadening solutions, reduce glare from televisions, and protect furniture from fading sunlight. They may even help lower energy costs by decreasing heat build-up in rooms or vehicles over time.

Blackout window film enhances privacy and can serve as an effective crime deterrent by making it more difficult for outsiders to observe what’s happening inside buildings. This feature is precious in busy areas or high-traffic facilities.

Blackout film comes in various shades and opacities to fit any style or decor, making it the ideal solution for areas requiring complete privacy, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Furthermore, commercial spaces or office windows that need uniform appearances or deliver branding or graphics messages could benefit significantly from this solution.

One of the most sought-after privacy films is a blackout, which is 5% opaque, giving windows an interior dark-tinted appearance while maintaining clear vision from outside – often known as “limo tint.” These blackout films provide daytime and nighttime privacy, perfect for offices, conference rooms, and private homes. Plus, installation is quick and effortless – using static electricity to adhere to glass surfaces quickly before removal without leaving any residue behind!

Easy to Install

Blackout film can provide the ideal solution when creating an entirely dark room, such as your bedroom. Window-darkening films have also proven indispensable in photographic studios where excess light may affect the quality of work.

Additionally, window films are easier to install than other window treatments like curtains and blinds. Simply adhere them directly onto the inside surface of glass windows for application; they can easily be removed and reapplied as necessary. Depending on the selected film type, some have reflective surfaces, while others come with matte or even textured options to match any interior decor scheme.

SDCCU Bank in Costa Mesa was looking for ways to enhance security and privacy in their offices without anyone being able to see inside from outside, so they turned to Solar Art for help. Our installers suggested blackout window film, an opaque window tint that blocks views day and night, to keep prying eyes away from the bank and increase their safety. It was both beautiful and practical! Blackout window film protects the fabric from damaging sunlight while reducing air-conditioning costs, making this an effective DIY home improvement option. Furthermore, its non-adhesive static cling privacy film can easily be rolled up and stored when not needed – an invaluable asset to any home improvement project!


Blackout window film is an ideal solution for rooms requiring complete privacy at all times, such as photographic studios, laboratories, or dormitories in day-care centers. Not only can it create an inky-black environment, but it’s also highly effective at heat rejection.

Blackout window film requires less maintenance than curtains or drapes, being easily cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge, eliminating tedious wiping and cleaning chores. Furthermore, its scratch resistance makes smudges and smears unlikely. For maximum results and to prevent potential damage by cleaners, it should be allowed to fully cure for 30 days before trying to clean.

Solar Art’s decorative window film installation services have often been requested by businesses such as construction zones and banks seeking to take safety precautions by concealing areas from passers-by or inside. SDCCU bank in Costa Mesa sought additional privacy for their customers to reduce break-ins or robberies, so we suggested blackout window film. They were delighted with its results!

Installing blackout privacy window film in your home or office has many advantages, but not all movies are created equal. When selecting the product to install for lasting performance and peace of mind. Contact us now to discover our range of window tints!

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