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Best Cardiologists in Srinagar


If you have a heart issue, cardiologists can assist. They diagnose and treat various medical conditions that affect the cardiovascular system.

They can treat a range of conditions related to blood vessels and circulation. These include high blood pressure, hypertension, chest pain, heart failure, arrhythmias, palpitations, shortness of breath, and management of blood thinners for those with congenital heart defects, cardiac arrest, or stroke.

Dr. Sudheer Koganti

Selecting someone renowned in their field is essential when searching for a cardiologist. Doing so will guarantee you receive top-notch treatment.

Dr. Sudheer Koganti is a board-certified cardiologist with 15 years of experience in the field. He specializes in treating various heart conditions and strives to help his patients lead healthier, more rewarding lives.

He specializes in general cardiology consultations and administers various diagnostic tests to evaluate a patient’s health. He assists his patients in managing their heart disease through lifestyle changes and medication management.

He specializes in diagnosing and treating coronary artery disease (CAD). He has advanced training and expertise in complex coronary angioplasty, stenting, and pacemaker implantation procedures. His extensive background includes training from Barts Heart Centre in London for interventional cardiology.

Dr. Aijaz Mansoor

Maintaining good heart health is an integral part of anyone’s life. A cardiologist can assist in keeping your heart in excellent condition and identify any health issues affecting it.

A cardiologist typically begins by performing a physical assessment. They will inquire about your medical history, weight, and blood pressure before requesting additional tests.

The best cardiologist in Srinagar can offer advice for improving your health. They’ll review test results, identify what’s causing your symptoms, and devise a plan to address them.

Dr. Vinoth Kumar

Dr. Vinoth Kumar is one of Srinagar’s premier cardiologists, specializing in general and preventive cardiovascular care. With more than 12 years of experience, he guarantees high-quality care to his patients.

He possesses a comprehensive range of expertise in treating heart conditions such as ischemic heart disease (angina, heart attacks), hypertension, heart valve diseases, coronary artery disease, and more that affect the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, he treats lung diseases, respiratory tract infections, and pulmonary hypertension.

He is a highly-trained cardiologist who received his education from the esteemed Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology and Research Center, Bangalore – one of the premier cardiac care centers in southeast Asia. With extensive experience in interventional cardiology and expertise in open heart surgeries and cath lab procedures, Dr. Rathi is an ideal physician to join our team!

Dr. Ajay Dash

Top-notch cardiologists are hard to come by in Srinagar. Still, one of the most eminent is Dr. Ajay Dash, an endocrinologist, and specialist in preventing and treating diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid disease. With his help you can improve your health while cutting healthcare costs. Visit his state-of-the-art practice or check out his website to get all the details on this cutting-edge guru, then book an appointment immediately! Ensure your insurance covers you for this visit; who knows – maybe even get a free quote? With such convenience comes great rewards when booking with him!

Dr. Arvind Kalrickal

Arvind Kalrickal is one of the top cardiologists in Srinagar and an expert in Coronary/Non-Coronary Interventions with over two decades of experience. He obtained his MBBS and MD (Medicine) from BHU Varanasi and DM (Cardiology) from GB Pant Hospital, New Delhi; additionally, he served as Director for Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories at Apollo Hospitals Chennai for many years.

He is a visiting Interventional Cardiologist to hospitals throughout India and has received the prestigious Bidhan Chandra Roy Award from the Medical Council of India. Additionally, he belongs to the Asian-Pacific Society for Interventional Cardiology and the National Angioplasty Registry of India; he is currently associated with Max Hospital, Gurgaon, and holds membership in the American College of Cardiology and Asian-Pacific Society for Interventional Cardiology.